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After the commercial break, Peter and Olivia are speeding through the streets in an SUV while getting the heads-up from Walter, who has apparently told them it's sunlight, much to their surprise and he crabbily reminds them that even though they can't see it, it's still there in the sky. Sure, but when it's night, that means its rays are hitting the earth somewhere else and certainly not demolishing towers, so CHILL, Walter. "Jones must be reflecting the light off of something, like one of those disco balls and then focusing it, like we do with a magnifying glass," says Walter. I hate to say that I'll need a little more convincing than "disco ball and magnifying glass," Walter. Olivia says it looks like Jones is trying to burn a hole to China and Walter feels the need to point out that it's a myth that China is on the opposite side that it would in fact be India, which isn't anywhere close to being the point. Peter has more practical questions: "What does this have to do with nanites and how do we even know that it's Jones?" Walter's all, "A-ha!" and asks if Peter is now prepared to concede that it may well be the work of William Bell and maybe Walter can quit trying to score debate points and worry about stopping the evil disco-ball sun laser.

As usual, Astrid is doing all the work and getting no help from Walter in terms of prioritizing all the orders he's barking her at her about satellite imagery and radio waves and geological data. Eventually, what comes together is this: three months ago, a subterranean oil reservoir was discovered below Beacon Hill and unless they stop it, the sunbeam will essentially set Boston on fire from below. But like for real, not the way Aerosmith does it. Walter tells Peter that Broyles is going to have to evacuate an area much wider than the one mile he's already doing. Peter asks how much, which is his first mistake. "All of it," says Walter. "All of what?" Peter asks. "Boston," says Walter. Peter's going to have to get back to him on that.

Anyway, Astrid is now working on her radio-waves assignment and has found two frequencies not owned by the government transmitting in the S-band: 2202.518, and 2202.520. "You brilliant bastard, Belly," says Walter, who now urgently needs something to write on.

Then Olivia gets a call from Walter, who has scribbled a bunch of calculations on a clear board and orders them to head toward Beech Street, on the edge of Chinatown: "I believe that's where Jones is commanding the satellites from," says Walter. Peter's all, what's this about satellites now? You may know them as "disco balls," Peter. Walter spins a bunch of hooey about Jones commandeering or launching two satellites and bouncing the sunlight around the planet. Walter says he's triangulated the signals and they appear to be coming from Beech Street. "Interrupt the signals and you shut off this nonsense that is the kind of plotline that might appear in a particularly ridiculous James Bond movie, one of the ones right before they decide to remake the franchise and get back to basics," says Walter.

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