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If You Try to Knock Me You’ll Get Mocked

Meanwhile, Olivia and Peter have made it to the roofs and are fiddling with the antennae and communicating via walkie-talkie. They have to turn the "transmission amplitude" dial all the way down, but do it in unison: "If we don't, the beam could go off-kilter, cut a swath across Boston. It's be sort of like 'don't cross the streams,' just, you know, in reverse," he says.

Olivia has no idea what he's talking about, which makes him laugh. Since he didn't actually point out that it's from Ghostbusters, I'd like to think she has seen Ghostbusters but is too busy trying to stop the sunbeam FROM KILLING EVERYONE to make sure she catches all of Peter's witty pop-culture references.

So they turn the dials down and the sunbeam fades out and they're too busy smiling at each other to notice Jones coming up behind Peter. I suppose it is dark. Peter gets cracked across the back with a crowbar, so this has some potential! Unfortunately we go to commercial, so hopefully there's some beatdown left after the commercial break.

Hooray, there is! Peter fights back gamely, but he's no match for an evil limey with a crowbar. Jones is whaling the shit out of him. Olivia raises her gun at them, but first she can't get a clear shot off because the two of them are grappling and then she's ordered to drop her weapon by the security guards who have decided to focus their efforts, apparently, on apprehending the intruder on just one roof instead of all of them. Olivia tries to tell them she's FBI, but they order her -- guns of their own drawn -- to put down her weapon. She complies and then the guards throw down there's as well, in movements that mirror Olivia's. They look confused. Too confused, in fact, to simply pick their guns up again or even to do anything more than just stand there.

So she turns her attention back to the other rooftop. Jones will be right with you, he's just busy choking Peter with the crowbar! Olivia turns herself into a human Kinect game, making Peter dance to her movements. She shifts her shoulders and Peter slips out of Jones' grip and then she appears to pop Peter's dislocated shoulder back into place. Then its punch punch punch and Jones goes flying into the antenna, setting off a shower of sparks and lying still. Peter clutches his shoulder and stares across at Olivia. Um, I'm not hearing a thank-you!

"I got it wrong," croaks Jones, still lying on the ground. "I was the sacrifice. I was the bishop." I guess? I mean, doesn't it seem like Belly would have rather kept you around? Well, there isn't going to be any interrogation of Jones; his face crumbles into ash, because I guess there are nanites around here too? All right. Let's go with that.

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