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If You Try to Knock Me You’ll Get Mocked

Walter and Astrid arrive in Boston Harbor, having apparently used the time to hear Walter's dissertation on how Old Cars Are Awesome, what with the tailfins, the whitewall tires and the gasoline derived directly from polar bears and the lungs of toddlers. Walter skips up to the door of A-1 Imports, with Astrid saying they're probably not even open, which might be true. But you ARE HERE, so it would actually seem more crazy to not at least try.

The door is, of course, open -- a fact that will seem rather odd as events unfold over the last few minutes of the episode. Astrid's still not convinced that this is a great idea, but that's only because it's not.

Inside the empty warehouse, Walter says it's just as he remembers it from his trips with Belly. "Not a smell you forget," he says. Astrid points out that it smells like sweat and Walter says, "Exactly."

They're greeted by a shifty looking dude coming down some stairs, looking a little confused as to what they might be doing there (like, LOCK THE DOOR, A-1) and Walter apologizes for disturbing them so late, but he was hoping to speak with "Ms. Weisberg." Buddy has no idea who Walter is talking about, even as Walter describes her as a "lovely woman, yea high, nice laugh." Astrid wants to scram, especially after she notices the gun on Buddy's hip, but Walter's oblivious. "Oh, I think I get it. You're talking about that import-export company. They went out of business three years ago," says Buddy. He gets a call on his walkie-talkie from someone who calls him "Tom" and answers that he's coming right now. Astrid thanks him for his help and apologizes for bothering him and Tom departs, leaving Walter and Astrid there, which again, I don't buy at all.

And Walter still seems more oblivious than suspicious and dismisses Astrid's concern over Tom carrying a gun by pointing out it's a dangerous neighborhood. Walter's biggest concern seems to be that there are no almonds there and he scurries off towards the sound of... animal noises? Jesus, Walter!

So they find another part of the warehouse filled with forklifts and shipping containers -- and the sounds of huge beasts. "One of them sounds almost like a rhino, but more nasal," says Walter. More nasal than a rhino? It's a rhino!

Aaaand then the run into Tom again, who maybe should have ESCORTED THEM OFF THE PROPERTY, but at any rate, Tom's got friends including one with a submachine gun. "Go and tell him we have visitors," Tom tells one of the other henchmen. Astrid tries the "I'm with the FBI" route and almost gets shot for it, but a few well-placed kicks buys them a momentary diversion and they start running around between the shipping containers dodging gunfire, with Astrid firing back and taking down one of the gunmen.

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