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If You Try to Knock Me You’ll Get Mocked

At any rate, Walter vows to prove it to her and tells Olivia that if Peter's not too busy monitoring his cure, Walter wants him to meet them. Olivia asks where.

The establishing shot of St. Claire's is our answer. Walter's former cell/room appears to be unoccupied, giving Walter the chance to sit forlornly at the stool bolted to the floor and run his hands over the equations he scrawled all over the table. No hurry or anything, Walter.

Eventually he gets up and goes out into the hallway, where a janitor is all, "Well, well. Wally Bishop," and asks if Walter's just visiting or planning to stay for a while. Walter doesn't answer, but starts fidgeting nervously. Fortunately, he's rescued by Peter, who tells him the administrator can see him now. Even more fortunately, it's not the evil Dr. Sumner but some woman with a mouth too large for her jaw and who looks barely old enough to legally drink alcohol. She's much easier on the eyes than Sumner though, that's for sure, and much nicer, apologizing for the state of St. Claire's record-keeping, (federal funding not being what it used to be -- thanks very much, Obama) making me feel bad about pointing out her huge mouth.

Walter is rather uncharitable towards her, even as she gives them the visitor logs during Dr. Bishop's... she's about to say treatment, but Walter interrupts to say "incarceration" and he's not got much patience for her explanation that she likes to think "treatment" better reflects what they do there. (I have to admit, I rolled her eyes at the other part of what she said, which is that treatment "has a nicer sound.")

Sadly, they don't have camera footage of anything older than two years. "How convenient," growls Walter, prompting Olivia to point out that Dr. Benlo has been cooperating completely. This does seem to get his attention and then Olivia asks if she sees anything in the logs that suggests they've been doctored. He doesn't and calls them, in fact, very thorough. But there's no record of William Bell visiting. Olivia gently suggests that, given the amount of shock therapy he'd been having, maybe it was a hallucination? Walter rejects that, because his hallucinations "were rarely biped and never men." I'll leave you to contemplate the implications of Walter hallucinating primarily four-legged females yourself. There's only so much horror I'm prepared to contemplate.

He's sniffing a lot and it's not like it's inconceivable that Walter has a heretofore-unseen cocaine habit, but then he starts sniffing and yes, licking the log book, with a tongue darting like a lizard's. He asks a thoroughly discombobulated Dr. Benlo if he can borrow the logbook. She's taken aback, but since the records have already been digitized, she agrees to it.

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