Brave New World, Part 2

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Love’s Got the World In Motion
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We open on a bucolic scene of mountain, lake and meadow -- the kind of place beer companies pretend to get their water from. The only sour notes are the strange creatures grazing (jerkily animated) -- they look like some kind of panther dinosaur with a long tail. Oh, and there's a porcupine bat flying overhead!

And there are Walter and Bell taking it all in, but the greenscreen effect is noticeable and takes me out of it somewhat, making it difficult to pay attention to Bell nattering about how it took God seven days to make his universe, but it took Bell "considerably longer." Sure, but that was before God had to spend most of his time winning Super Bowls and Grammys for his devoted Christian followers. It would probably take him much longer today.

Then the whole scene shuts off and we see we're actually in Bell's cabin on the ship and he was projecting it with some sort of science-magic thing. "I can't wait for you to see the real thing. It's going to be magnificent. As soon as I finish making it. I just have to hook up the Blu-ray player and the sound system and then it's gonna be sweeeeeeet..."

Walter looks less than convinced at Bell's sanity -- for good reason, I suppose -- and tells him he can't do it. Bell says it's done, that the final piece has been set in motion and he couldn't stop it now if he wanted to... which he doesn't. Instead, he wants to babble on about how they as scientists are taught that there is no such thing as divine intervention, but the fact that Walter -- his trusted colleague and dearest friend -- being there to witness this seems like the hand of god.

Walter says there was nothing divine about it; he found Bell. "That's what I said: Providence," says Bell, laughing. My god, he's craggy.

Over at the Harvard lab, Peter and Olivia arrive to find it empty, apart from the uneaten lemon cake on the counter. Olivia can't raise Astrid on her cellphone, but there's nothing suspicious going on except for a vague sense of unease. Peter offers to make a pot of coffee and Olivia accepts, only to remember that his arm is in a sling and she should probably do it for him.

Then he asks if she wants to talk about the "Jedi mind trick" she pulled back on the roof and thank god Olivia appears at least to have seen Star Wars because I don't think I could have handled it otherwise. She says she can only attribute it to Cortexiphan and he's all, Yeah, but suddenly you're able to do all this crazy shit you couldn't do before. She says she doesn't know how she did it and he makes her agree to let Walter run some more tests when he gets back.

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