Brave New World, Part 2

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Love’s Got the World In Motion

After the commercial break, Walter tries to step in, but Peter angrily tells him not to touch her. "We have to move rapidly if we're going to save her," says Walter. Peter points out that she's dead and Walter has to remind him that that means much less on this show than it does on most others. He slaps Peter to get his attention and then directs him to Bell's desk, telling him to get the letter opener and to clear everything else off it.

They lay her body down, and Walter explains that Olivia's brain is saturated with Cortexiphan, making it regenerative, so if he can get the bullet out before the Cortexiphan wears off, he'll be able to save her. "It's like my lemon cake that was so conspicuous by its weirdness as it introduces a heretofore unknown side effect of Cortexiphan last episode," says Walter.

And then, Walter -- and I found this harder to watch than Walter shooting Olivia in the forehead, especially with all the wet sounds being made -- sticks the letter opener in the back of her head to create an exit wound and then jams a metal rod into the wound in her forehead to push the bullet out of the back of her head. Walter pulls the rod out, and blood drips from the hole in Olivia's forehead.

Then, after an agonizing moment or two, the hole starts to close up. "It worked," says Walter, finally starting to sob and he and Peter put their heads together as Olivia's wound disappears and she starts to breathe again. Hey, I'm sure this will be something they'll all laugh about someday! "Walter, remember when you shot me in the forehead? Buy me a beer!"

Over in Washington, Broyles is in Senator Van Horn's office. I suppose the rejiggered timeline means he's not a shapeshifter anymore, right? Van Horn tells him that despite full international cooperation, there's no sign of William Bell, but the biological materials from the ark have been cryogenically quarantined for future study and his team will have full access if that's what he wants.

And then even more significant: because the committee wants to acknowledge the work he and his team have done to protect the country and the world, they're granting his request for significant funding to upgrade their operational and scientific divisions. Broyles may be doing the Dance of Joy internally but his outside remains stoic. "And thank you, Phillip, for keeping us all safe at night," says Van Horn. Broyles says he's welcome.

But wait, there's more! Van Horn stands up and says, "That will be all, General Broyles." Broyles reminds him that it's "Colonel," but of course this is Van Horn's way of revealing that Broyles has been promoted. Broyles finally allows himself to look slightly surprised and/or pleased.

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