Brave New World, Part 2

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Love’s Got the World In Motion

In the meantime... her cellphone rings. Private caller, says her phone, which annoyingly started Tina Turner's "Private Dancer" running through my head. It's Jessica Holt, everyone's favorite nanite victim with the sexy red hair and British accent. She apologizes to Olivia and says she didn't know who else to call: "I think someone's following me," she says, adding that it's been happening ever since she met all of them. She's at home and she sent Sarah to stay at her dad's "flat," which is SO CHARMING, you guys! We can see someone behind her, watching and making ZERO attempts to hide and after Olivia tells a relieved Jessica that they'll be right over, we see that it's September watching her. He starts to move forward, but then stops and looks down to see that he appears to be held in place by some kind of orange-glowing symbol on the floor. Well, this is a new one, I guess. FRINGE.

After the credits, Olivia and Peter have arrived at Jessica's home in Quincy, Mass., to find it empty, although her phone and wallet are still there in her purse. But there's less house than normal, because Peter finds by the back door -- where September was standing -- the section of the floor he was standing on appears to have been cut out and removed.

Olivia comes over to have a look at it and Peter recognizes Olivia's anxiety over Jessica being missing. "You didn't put this woman's life in danger. You're the one that saved her," he reminds her.

Olivia, not looking convinced, answers her ringing cellphone. It's Broyles, tell her that he needs them to meet him at Boston General -- Astrid's there with a gunshot wound. He doesn't know what happened, just that she was picked up after an anonymous call to 911, but she's out of surgery and is in stable condition. Oh and they should bring Walter with them, he says. Well, that's cause for alarm. Olivia tells Broyles that he isn't with them: "We thought that he was Astrid."

Over to the hospital now and Astrid has no idea where Walter is; the last time she saw him was at the warehouse: "We were looking for Bell. Walter thinks he's still alive." Everyone looks confused by this and Peter asks what warehouse she's talking about. And now Astrid is confused: "By the waterfront. Where I got shot." Broyles tells her she wasn't found at the waterfront, which means somebody moved her and called 911 and Peter, squeezing her hand and hopefully not rupturing anything, says it means they didn't want her dead. Well, they SHOT HER IN THE BACK, so let's just say their feelings on Astrid's death are conflicted at best.

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