Brave New World, Part 2

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Love’s Got the World In Motion

Olivia correctly surmises that Jessica works for Bell and Peter yells at September that he's obviously here because this is important, so why doesn't he do something. Well, A) he's not one of The Doers and B) as Jessica explains, the "stasis runes" at his feet keep him stuck where he is. So I guess "stasis runes" are a thing now. "Unfortunately for you, this was a future you didn't foresee," she taunts September. Yeah, about that: I guess the Observers see all futures except the most inconvenient ones. Jessica tells Olivia that Dr. Bell said, given how concerned September is about the events in her life and that if they put her in harm's way, September would appear.

Olivia's also figured out that the day Jessica was infected, it was intentional and she never even had a daughter. "I hate kids," says Jessica, which of course makes her even more of a monster in the movie and television world. Then she wants to see how concerned she is about September, she says, and she fires three shots at him, which he stops with his hands dropping three bullets to the floor. Those stasis runes have a very limited range, it appears.

Olivia smiles and Jessica explains that they operate at "hyper-attenuated time" and it looks almost like magic but is really just tech that lets them move very fast. So she whips out a fancy gun that she says is an invention of Dr. Bell's that shoots faster. She fires. September clenches his fist, but he missed the bullet, judging from the spreading bloodstain on his white shirt. I have to admit, I'm kind of curious to see what it will look like if September falls over whilst still stuck by the stasis runes. A frantic Olivia asks Jessica what she wants and Jessica points out that September feels no emotion and possibly no pain. "This won't upset him. But it appears to upset you," she says and raises the gun again.

Olivia urgently yells for her to stop and to tell her what it is she wants. Jessica pauses, but only briefly and then fires three more shots. And this time it is Olivia's outstretched palm that appears to stop the bullets and then, with a slight twitch, fires them back at Jessica. As Jessica crumples to the ground, Peter and Olivia exchange "holy shit" looks, while even September -- who has been shot in the chest -- is looking at Olivia all "Dude!"

After the commercial break, Olivia and Peter are trying to figure out how to help the emotionless time-travelling dude trapped by the "stasis runes" at his feet. Peter has called EMTs and I would really like to see them attend to this guy. Peter asks about the runes, which spark when he touches them. September admits to being surprised that "they" (maybe Bell's crew or any humans in general) knew of the methodology, which is beyond them. Apparently it's not beyond them, actually. Peter grabs a piece of wood, the kind that is usually just lying around empty warehouses and scrapes away at the runes. He only has to obliterate a bit of it before it loses power and September is able to fall from his standing position and let Olivia check his wound. Peter asks if he knows where Walter is. September thinks for a moment, but then says he doesn't know.

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