Brave New World, Part 2

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Love’s Got the World In Motion

And we finally get back to the tramp steamer, with Walter asking Bell what he could possibly hope to gain by destroying both universes. Bell says it was all Walter's idea: "Peter died twice! You hated God! 'What kind of god would cause so much suffering?' That's what you said!" Bell reminds Walter that he decided to create a universe that would operate by his own rules and then, when he realized he was smart enough to actually do such a thing, asked Walter to cut out a portion of his brain. Walter's not enjoying the trip down memory lane that Bell is providing, as he explains (with flashback visual aids) that they cut those ideas out of Walter's head to put the genie back in the bottle. As for Bell, he grew older, more cynical, craggier and more cancer-ridden and he realized that dosing himself with Cortexiphan would slow it down, but slowing is not stopping. Fortunately for Bell, he had Walter around to rant about shit, which made Bell realize that God made them in his image and if they are capable of being gods, then it is their destiny to do so.

Walter looks like he's going to be sick and can stomps up to Bell's desk to tell him no, but Bell's not having it: "My dear friend: Even if you deny it now, you have always been playing god. I am." Which I guess makes it Bell's fault that Community only gets 13 episodes next year, right?

After the commercial break, the dead Jessica is ready to be questioned. Peter flips the switch on the "filament" or whatever that zaps the Jessica corpse into asynchronous eye movement. She's blinking and talking with a creepy echo and complaining about not being able to feel her arms and legs. "Where is Walter?" asks Peter, but Jessica wants to know what they did to her. Then her eyes close.

Peter asks if she fainted and Nina's all, "No, that's not possible. She's not alive. She can't faint" and nobody points out that usually death precludes blinking and TALKING. And then Jessica comes to, with her eyes rolling around independent of each other and calling for her mom. Or, as the British say, "mummy." While Peter and Olivia badger Jessica over where Walter is, she natters about her blue bicycle with a bell on it and how she left it in the rain and it rusted. Nina asks where William Bell is and Jessica says, "He's all wet, I expect," and sings a song about man being blind or out of his mind to go out to sea. Peter translates that to mean that William Bell is on a boat. Jessica spews nonsense about Bell being a brilliant man and says something about the birth of a new world born of the collapse. Olivia asks how Bell is going to give birth to a new world if they closed the bridge between the two universes and I'd like to point out to her that it's not like it was a fact that closing the bridge would fix things, but just an assumption of Walter's.

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