Brave New World, Part 2

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Love’s Got the World In Motion

She says she remembers being in the lab in Jacksonville when Walter and William were doing the Cortexiphan trials. "I remember how it smelled, how I felt, how scared I was, how all alone I was," she says and now it's years later and nothing has changed; she's still that little girl and William Bell is still doing experiments on her and she's still being used.

Peter tells her that something has changed: "This time, you're not alone." Olivia half-smiles, looking like she wants to -- but doesn't quite -- believe that it makes a difference and then goes in for a hug anyway.

Back on the tramp steamer, Walter is looking at a pistol and bullets that William Bell has displayed under glass in his office when Bell calls him over to look out the window. Or "porthole," FINE, whatever it is. He's reluctant, so Bell appeals to his pure scientific curiosity: "You've never seen anything like this. It's marvelous." Walter looks outside. We don't see yet, but he asks, "How?" and Bell says it's Olivia and that Walter was right; she's truly a remarkable girl. We pull back from the boat and see clouds that are, I suppose, encircling the ship, lightning crackling underneath. I guess that means the shuffleboard tournament with the porcupine bats will have to be moved below decks.

After a commercial break, we're back in the Fringe situation room, where they've pinpointed the boat at eighty-four miles due east of Nantucket. Broyles tells an aide to "call upstairs" and tell them they need choppers and he orders Olivia and Peter to get suited up.

And here comes Fringe to save the day! With, uh, three helicopters, one of which carries a pilot, Nina Sharp and Peter and Olivia. Well, it's only TWO UNIVERSES COLLAPSING, guys, so I can understand you guys waiting for a REAL emergency.

Onboard the Talos, Walter urges Bell not to do this and Bell is starting to go from persuading to irritated. "We deserve this," he says. Walter's disappointed, although he might come around if Bell splices together Berry Boom with Red Vines.

Up in Peter and Olivia's chopper, the pilot has arrived at the coordinates, but he's "got no visual," which means he can't see anything. Olivia asks about the uplink and "maybe they're jamming us" whatever any of that means. Meanwhile, Peter is all "Are you kidding me? It's right there!" but no one else can see anything.

Nina figures it out: "If William is trying to collapse the universes, it stands to reason that the fabric between the universes is growing thin here where his ship is," she says, and Olivia's all, BUT THERE'S NO SHIP, and Nina says "not in this here." The ship has already phased entirely out of sync with our universe, she says, and Peter picks up on it. "I'm from the other side, so I resonate at a different frequency," he says.

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