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rks, points out Newton, who adds, "After this mission, you'll take a new identity. And Ray? No traces left behind. Nothing that can expose us. Understood?" Ray looks full-on pissed now, and says he'll contact Newton when it's done.

Over at Massive Dynamic, Broyles, Fauxlivia and Peter get through the security checkpoint while Broyles explains that FBI agents are stationed throughout the building, and NYPD security detail has set up a perimeter. "So what makes you think that Newton would try to recover the shapeshifter?" Um, the fact that he's tried ONCE ALREADY? Broyles just says, "I'd rather be wrong than sorry."

And then there's an excited Walter, getting off the elevator, but before he can share his good news, Peter tells Broyles that Newton has been collecting intel on Fringe for the last two years, which gives them an idea of when he was shifted. Fauxlivia asks if Broyles found anything out in D.C., and Broyles says they ran blood tests on every person who works on the Hill, which is in itself a rather amazing feat, and he says everyone checks out. Peter asks about the FBI and the Department of Defence, and Broyles says they're testing everyone with a Level 4 classification or higher, and Peter starts arguing that they've got to go wider because Van Horn can't be the only mole, and Walter can no longer contain himself and he bursts out, "Maybe we should just ask him!"

And upstairs in the lab, Fauxlivia is still working the downer angle: "Is it even possible that there's recoverable data left in Van Horn?" and Astrid says that Walter thinks so, and she explains that they didn't have very much luck locating it with everyday objects. "But then we tried something more personal," she says. Hump magazine, right? You used Hump, didn't you.

The crew watches on the monitors as Walter shows the body a toy car (no neural activity) and then a photograph of Van Horn's wife (activity). They still haven't found the data storage, but Walter thinks if they keep working on the emotional tie, they'll get there. Peter's all, "yeah, but it's a machine," and Walter says it was a machine that needed to play the role of a spouse: "And pretending to have an emotional connection caused a real one to form," he says. Fauxlivia takes this all in. Wondering about her need to commit to Peter for her mission? Or is Anna Torv wondering about her short-lived marriage to Mark Valley? Anyway, Walter wants to use the senator's actual wife to keep experimenting, and Fauxlivia quickly pooh-poohs that idea, saying she doesn't think they can ask that of a civilian, Walter. "I mean, not to mention the security clearance it would require," she adds, and Walter, who after all is a civilian like Peter, says it's the only way, and Peter appeals directly to Broyles, with Fauxlivia complaining AGAIN that she doesn't think it's a good idea: "Imagine the panic if she talks to the press," she says. Yeah, I can safely say that unless Fauxlivia wants the Fringe team to be worried about a Weekly World News cover story, the press isn't exactly going to jump on the "strange government department wants me to revive the dead shapeshifter corpse of what used to be my husband" story. Fauxlivia's really in danger of noticeably acting suspicious.

And Broyles says that he's known Patricia Van Horn for most of his adult life. "Her character's beyond question. If she's willing to help us, I'm willing to trust her," he says, and Fauxlivia seethes.

Over at the Duffy house, Ray is opening up the safe in his closet in the middle of the night while his wife sleeps. He pulls out a gun and one of those shapeshifting machines, and stands there for a moment looking pensive.

When next we see him, he's in a policeman's uniform in his son's room, asking why Nate is still up. "I didn't sound the monster alarm, but I think he's here," says Nate, adding that he thinks the monster's under the bed. So Ray checks, and then he sits down on his son's bed and starts talking about how monsters aren't all that bad, and that sometimes they can be "incredibly sweet and pure and capable of great, great love," and I suppose it works in either case whether you think Ray is talking about himself or his son. "And then, one of them might actually become your very, very best friend," he finishes, and the kid is all, "But you're my best friend," and Ray manages not to say, "Yeah, EXACTLY," but just "Yeah, that's right," looking quite sad as he does so.

Nate asks his "dad" to come check on him when he gets back from work, and Ray says he will. What do you think he got the gun for, kid?

Over at Massive Dynamic, Broyles is introducing Peter and Fauxlivia to Patricia Van Horn, with Fauxlivia apologizing and saying that they know what they're asking is difficult. "Frankly, it all seems a bit beyond comprehension," says Patricia, evidently one for massive understatement. She explains that last week was their granddaughter's first birthday: "You should have seen the way Jim held her in his arms. He was so happy. And now, the thought that he was really this thing..." She says she wants to be here so she can find out who did this to her husband.

So in the lab, Patricia stiffly talks to the stiff, all, "Hi, James. It's me, Patricia. Can you hear me?" And Walter suggests she talk to him instead of at him, so Patricia gets a little more personal, talking about how it's quiet in the house without him, and she "finished the curtains" but really only because she can't sleep. Walter wants her to touch him: "Perhaps a gentle caress or tickle," he says, only Broyles reacts like Walter suggested giving the corpse a handjob, but Patricia understands. She touches the body's shoulder and says the kids have been asking for him, and "Grayson" called yesterday. Astrid quietly says that neural activity is rising, and Walter gleefully tells Fauxlivia that they're getting close, and Fauxlivia smiles but as soon as Walter turns away, she grimaces like she got a busted flush on the river.

Patricia movingly talks about all the years they had together, and apologizes for not knowing he was gone. "I don't know how I didn't know. You would have known. I know you would have." Astrid points Walter towards the base of Van Horn's spine, but Walter says something's wrong, and it doesn't make any sense, and that's when Van Horn sits up with one bandaged eye and one eye ball the colour of mercury and starts repeating, "Eleven, ten, twelve, Whitefield. Eleven, thirteen, sixteen, Beaufain. Eleven, seventeen, Essex," and while the Fringe team ponders over top of the words what this could mean, Patricia eventually gets freaked out enough to yell "stop it!" and Peter yanks out some kind of plug and the body goes still.

"What was that?" says Fauxlivia, and Walter figures they triggered a corrupted file, a mishmash of discarded data. Patricia tells them that next month was their anniversary: "The Beaufain, the Whitefield, the Essex, they're all hotels. We were leaving November 10th," she explains, and Broyles says that they're done, and he'll take her home. "Did it help? Did you find what you were looking for?" she asks, and Broyles tells her she did more than enough.

Walter wants to give up, saying the shapeshifter's system is too badly damaged, so any data in there is likely lost anyway. Also, he's certain he is no longer high.

Meanwhile, Fauxlivia's getting a text message that says, "Get out. ETA 15 minutes," and you'd think these super-secret undercover operatives would at least use some kind of code, but anyway she suggests going to get a bite to eat, but Walter says he's not hungry, so Olivia tries "change of scenery" as a reason.

And despite Walter's protests, he is piling on the food in the Massive Dynamic cafeteria, claiming he is "eating for comfort." He's bummed because of what he put Patricia Van Horn through, "and the most activity we saw occurred in the shapeshifter's ass," he complains with Astrid correcting that to "lower spine," and then to take his mind off his troubles or maybe even just to shut him up, she

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