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Nightmare on Pike Street (And Union Street, and Spring Street…)

Apparently she doesn't answer his question until they get back, but once there, she gives him a little more backstory of her own. "My stepfather was an addict. He was a drunk." Shuffling through the papers on her counter, she says he seemed to have two different personalities, one drunk, one sober. "The deeper the addiction, the more extreme the rift. Like Jekyll and Hyde." By now she's found Dr. Nayak's handwritten patient list to compare with the threat note. They look pretty different to me, but Olivia compares the Fs and the Gs and confidently says, "These were written by the same person." Well, what does the FBI need a document analysis unit for when they have her?

Meanwhile, Det. Green s walking Nayak up to the front door of his house. Inside, Nayak listens to the message he left for himself on his home answering machine earlier. The brilliant scientist clearly doesn't know how to record his own personalized outgoing greeting, let alone switch to voice mail. Rather than obeying his own pleas to stop, he goes down into his basement, which is the site of the computer lab we saw earlier. Remember, the giant, multiple banks of monitors and servers that can apparently be fully reproduced by Walter's rickety old neurostimulator? Nayak gets everything fired up, apparently not needing Zach's assistance after all. In seconds, he's scrolling through patient photos, and soon lands on a young African-American man in a white shirt. The odd thing is that in some shots, where the photo is in the background, that white shirt clearly has pilot's epaulets on the shoulder. Uh-oh. But those epaulets are gone in the close-ups of the photo, like someone decided not to give it away and digitally erased them from half the shots. Rather than pausing to give this any thought, Nayak cranks everything up to the limit.

And now, we're watching a commercial seaplane about to take off. Fortunately it's still nighttime, making it difficult to see that this isn't being shot in Seattle at all. But we can clearly see that the guy on Nayak's monitor, as a wired-up Nayak goes all O-faced, is none other than the pilot of that very plane. Try to act surprised.

The plane is cleared for takeoff, just as the pilot goes all twitchy. Nice timing, Nayak. Clearly the chip is working, because the pilot is hallucinating a suspension bridge up ahead at the end of the lake, where Gas Works Park is supposed to be. Then he looks over at the copilot, whose face now appears to the pilot as a featureless blob of flesh. The pilot reacts as anyone would, which is to steer the accelerating plane off course and towards a docked oceangoing cruise ship. The copilot asks what's going on with increasing concern. First of all, his captain has gone bazoo, and secondly, what the fuck is a cruise ship doing in Lake Union?

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