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Nightmare on Pike Street (And Union Street, and Spring Street…)

Later, Walter's leaving the hospital with the body about to be loaded in the ambulance. Peter watches as he briefs the fresh-faced young agent who's apparently been assigned to accompany Walter back to Boston. "Buddy, I've been with the Bureau for three years," the rookie boasts. "Flying your father home shouldn't be a problem." Peter pretends to agree, and gives him a few tips. "You want to keep his Sudoku pad handy. There's also a copy of Max Planck's book on entropy in his backpack that should keep him busy for a couple hours. And whatever you do, under no circumstances let him drink." Because, you know, of the psychotropic drugs that are in Walter's system at any given time. The agent looks like he's starting to take this seriously for the first time. And since he's being played by Keith from Scrubs, you just know there's a thorough screwing-over in his future.

Olivia and the M.E. join them outside, Olivia thanking the coroner for his cooperation. Olivia also asks him for his business card, and I didn't notice until now that he's wearing a red tie. Olivia turns to see Walter berating the morgue attendants for loading the body feet-first. "Think he'll be alright?" Peter asks Olivia. "Walter? Or Agent Kashner?" Olivia asks. She thinks she's joking.

Olivia and Peter head over to the widow's house for the widow interview. Olivia establishes that he hadn't had any illnesses or hallucinations. What's a Big Wheel doing in the living room, then? Peter, who has been fiddling with the four or five books on the living room mantel, asks if Leeder had sleep issues. That's a good clue, but you'd think a guy with sleep problems would be a little more of a reader. The giveaway for Peter was the fact that all of Leeder's books are about sleep and sleep disorders. She says her husband used to sleepwalk, and although he was never violent, he saw some specialists and hadn't had any episodes in six months. Olivia asks for the names of the doctors, and Peter continues on his sleep-related line of questioning, asking if the dead man kept a sleep journal. The wife offers to let Peter see it. Where would the Fringe team be without cooperative widows? And without Olivia's ability to conceal from interview subjects (if not from us) her surprise at Peter's investigative acumen?

At the lab, Walter gets Astrid to help him with Leeder's body bag while she complains about the time (almost midnight) and Agent Kashner yells at someone over his cell phone. Walter excitedly tells Astrid about the flight. "The turbulence over Ohio was like being in the belly of a seizing whale. I screamed like a little girl." She asks what Kashner is bitching about, and Walter explains, "They detained our bags." Kashner argues, "No, I'm pretty sure Dr. Bishop wouldn't have packed a bottle of raw--" Then Gene moos before he can say "milk." The obligatory Gene joke now dispensed with (and really, Agent Kashner, it could have been so much worse), Walter has made a discovery on the back of Greg's neck: a small surgical scar. "Asterix, my small bone saw, please," he calls. She corrects him on her name as she goes to fetch it and Agent Kashner, having finished his call, apologizes that they can't have the bags until morning. Walter's fine with that, since it allows him to draft the young agent into helping them scalp the body. Astrid hands Kashner the bone saw. "Once you get used to the smell, it's really quite something," Walter promises. Kashner just stands there, instead of casting about desperately for some Sudoku puzzles to distract Walter with.

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