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Nightmare on Pike Street (And Union Street, and Spring Street…)

A moment later, they're watching that formerly brunette (now white-haired) server being zipped into her body bag, while the bloody restaurant owner is telling them a now-familiar story, and we see the dead grill chef being hauled away from his station. "She was so happy. This doesn't make sense," the owner weeps. Olivia pats his arm awkwardly, while Peter and Nayak watch from the end of the bar. I guess they brought him along so he could see what's going on and maybe motivate him to be a bit more cooperative. Nayak tells Peter that this latest victim had night terrors. "She was just in my office last week." Looks like he can clear the rest of her appointments. Peter and Olivia are just talking about how to get the word out to the local media when Nayak realizes that his assistant Zach hasn't been to work, or indeed reachable, all day. Yeah, Nayak, we know he's in on it. Try to keep up.

Cut to Peter and Olivia busting into Zach's apartment when there's no answer to their knock. At the same time, Nayak is returning to his office, almost missing the note stuck under his nameplate. Peter and Olivia are coming up empty in Zach's place, other than a couple of books about sleep on his neatly made bed. Apparently he reads about it instead of doing it. Nayak opens the handwritten note, which reads, "Stop Talking To The Feds or wind up like zach" So whoever is behind this is also capable of crimes against capitalization and punctuation. By now, Peter has discovered Zach's body, stuffed in his armoire with a tiny bullet hole at its temple. "I guess that's why he wasn't answering his phone," Peter cracks. Yeah, I've had bosses that wouldn't accept that as an excuse.

"Walter? What's wrong with Agent Kashner?" Astrid asks threateningly. Well, Astrid, have you checked his neck for syringe marks? Walter somehow got the limp body up onto the operating table and has placed a kind of electronic hairnet over his skull. Which Walter hasn't bothered to shave, so that's the first break Agent Kashner has caught since he met this madman. Walter confesses to Astrid, "I drugged him." He does deny having put the chip in Kashner's head. "But I wanted to. Then I realized that I could attach the chip to an EEG net and the signal would reach his brain." He's also wired up a frame with electrodes on it called the neurostimulator (Radio Shack, $129.99) to test Peter's mind control theory. Specifically, he's going to try to use it to transmit commands from his own brain to Agent Kashner. He just needs Astrid's help putting it on himself. She protests weakly, and he whispers, "Don't be such a grinch. I told you , science should be fun." Yeah, Agent Kashner looks like he's having a blast.

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