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Dust to Dust

The Bishops get back to their apartment, which is still not fully unpacked yet. "Must expand my thinking," Walter mutters to himself. Peter grins that he threw away Walter's LSD, but Walter has found the box he's looking for, which was fortunately on top of a stack of them. "The right tool for this job," he says, pulling out an ancient set, "Is Tinkertoys." Okay, that's cool, but as the father of a five-year-old, I'm relearning my old philosophy that there is nothing that can't be accomplished with Legos.

At the lab, Astrid has a phone trace set up in case Timor calls. Olivia wanders over to a shirtsleeved Broyles and asks why this case is so important to him. Broyles takes a long time to answer, but he says that when the case first came around four years ago, it was a bad time for Fringe Division. "The government was siphoning money away from us for things that had more public results." But Broyles says he didn't care about his own career. "I just wanted to make the world a safer place. I became obsessed with this case. And for my wife, it was the straw that broke the camel's back. It ended our marriage." He sees the irony: "I took this job to make the world a safer pace for my family. Instead I lost it." Olivia looks up at him, like, "Family. Huh. Mysteries never cease."

I think Walter has Jaws playing on his TV, which is the second homage to that movie in this episode, counting that first scene with Broyles and the little boy and not counting all the other ones I'm sure I missed. Peter has finished rendering the formula in Tinkertoy form, in 3-D. It's way more complicated here than in the Polaroid of the blackboard he's holding. But Walter has what he needs, and he and Peter start trying to pull apart the two main sections. But they get snagged and won't come apart. "Oh no," Walter murmurs. Just like that.

Timor has his brother all set up in the van again. "I know, Alex. I'm tired of running too," he says. Then he leaves the van to call the number Broyles gave him. "Call Dr. Bishop," Broyles tells Olivia before taking the call in the lab. Timor asks Broyles f they've solved the formula, while Astrid gets Walter on the line for Olivia. She asks if he's solved it and switches her phone to speaker so Broyles can hear. Walter says it's bad news: while Timor is once again saying he's hanging up in ten seconds to avoid the trace, Walter tells Olivia that the organism can't be removed from Alex. "The two have become one. Bonded at a molecular level. They can't be separated. You can't kill the organism with out killing them both." Just before Timor hangs up, Broyles relays the news to Timor. As Timor sinks into a chair in the open hotel room, Broyles says that if anyone can help his brother, it's the people he works with, and asks Timor to give them a chance. Timor seems to agree. "I don't want him harmed," he says into his phone, all choked up. Astrid says they need ten more seconds for the trace, as Broyles asks Timor to trust him. Timor claims he's keeping the shadow under control, which is true if you don't count all the ways he isn't. Broyles again asks where they are, btu Timor's not answering. And the camera circles around Timor, so we can see the oscillating fan behind him. Which oscillates until it points at him, and blows away the left side of his head in a tiny dust storm. The shadow walks out of the motel room, looking pretty sated, if you want to be honest.

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