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Dust to Dust

Astrid completes the trace. After a shot of the sun rising over Boston, we catch up to a Fringemobile rolling up to the "Inter City Motel." The agents hop out and draw their weapons, approaching the van with its back door still open. No one inside but the comatose cosmonaut, of course. And then they look into the open motel room and see the right half of his brother, his cell phone still to his ear. The radiation from those things will kill you, you know.

Peter and Walter pull up, and Peter helps his father into a bomb squad vest before grabbing his Geiger counter. Walter goes right into the van to assess Alex, who seems normal, other than being in a coma. He speculates that the jumper cables are there to contain the shadow. "It didn't work," Olivia reports. "It killed Timor." Broyles asks Walter what his next move is. Walter says they'll need an Alex-case made of lead, but the Geiger counter has bad news: Alex's little friend is out and about. Peter and Olivia wonder if Walter can bring the shadow back with some shocks, and while Walter is getting flustered and fumbling around trying to make it happen, there's something going on in one of the motel's other rooms. A little blond girl is watching TV on the hotel bed while her mom showers in the bathroom. Or at least, she was watching TV until the screen wavered and went blank. The shadow really isn't picky any more, is it? This girl wasn't even sitting that close to the screen, which not only undermines the internal logic but passes up the opportunity to make this a cautionary tale that kids won't soon forget. She gazes into the shadows of the closet. Which is still better lit than Latchmere General Hospital.

Walter is still fumbling around with all of Timor's crap in the van. "This equipment, it's in Russian!" he complains. Suddenly a piercing scream is heard. Broyles wastes no time: he immediately goes into action, moving quickly and drawing his gun. But instead of following the sound, he shoots Alex in the head. Dude, that is cold. But even though the rest of the team is looking at him in shock, I don't see any of them complaining. Either because they belatedly recognize that this was the only way to save a life, or because Broyles hasn't holstered his weapon yet.

The little girl's mom comes running out of the bathroom, with wet hair and a robe. Which already males this a nicer motel than any I've ever stayed in. She sees her daughter apparently staring motionless at the TV screen, and asks what happened. No answer, no movement. The mom slowly puts out a hand to reach for the girls shoulder, and when it touches -- it stays. As we knew it would. "There was a man," the little girl says. "A shadow man. He disappeared."

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