Enemy of My Enemy

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Science Fiction Double Feature

So a fleet of Fringe SUVs arrive at the quarry, which has been cleared, the main entrance secured. Everyone's excited because they think they beat Jones there, since the soil shows no signs of excavation for at least two months. Broyles starts ordering people to secure the ridge line.

Peter's with Farnsworth and Lincoln Lee back at the HQ, and Peter, who was previously against telling people how to do their jobs, decides to patch in and say that they need to secure the north access road unless they want Jones to outflank them. But none of the agents can actually see this road that Peter's talking about. He rolls his eyes, and says he's looking right at the map, which is up on the big display screen in HQ. Then something appears to occur to him, and he asks if this map was downloaded from Brandonate's hard drive. It was, he's told. "We're in the wrong universe," says Peter. Oh, you think everyone's in the wrong universe.

So let's pop back over to our universe's Hudson River Valley, where a crew led by the shapeshifter we know as Nadine Park is ripping open a portal for Jones to step through, which he does, closing his eyes and breathing in that sweet, sweet Earth Prime air

Meanwhile, Walter's in the Harvard lab, fooling around with Gene's back end and reciting some sort of old saying about what the weather's going to be like based on which way a cow's tail is hanging, the sort of superstition you'd think a man of science like Walter would have little time for, yet he told Astrid she wouldn't need an umbrella anyway. He's brushing Gene's coat when an FBI agent approaches to tell him he has a visitor, and Walter snaps that he's working on something very important.

So the agent leaves, apparently not too concerned about Walter's refusal, because a moment later we hear Elizabeth say, "Walter?" And Walter turns to look at his still-stunning ex-wife, standing underneath an overhead lamp making it look like sunlight breaking through the clouds is shining down on her.

He stares so blissfully that Elizabeth feels compelled to make sure that he knows she's not her, and Walter's smile fades. He looks like he knew but didn't want to know. Elizabeth says she never expected to see him again, but she thinks it's appropriate that a version of their son has brought them back together. She explains that she's here for Peter, and she understands Walter's refusing to help him. Walter is resolute, and says he's sorry she's traveled so far, but he can't help. "The last time I saw you, you had come to save a boy's life. Now I've come to do the same," she says.

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