Enemy of My Enemy

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So Lincoln Lee and Peter are reunited in the situation room, with Lincoln wanting to hang around and assist with the interrogation of the guy who tried to have them killed, but Peter's not interested in telling Walternate how to do his job, especially since Walternate finally agreed to help him. Lincoln's all, great, so now that you got what you wanted, but Peter snaps that whatever they find out in the interrogation is going to be shared with Lincoln Lee, so he got what he came for as well. Lincoln wants more than that, though: "I need to be a part of this investigation. I lost a partner," he says, which Peter easily trumps with, "I lost a universe!" Yeah, but you gained another one, so it's a wash? I don't think it's fair for Peter to whine "I lost a universe!" since he wouldn't really care about that if Olivia were still sleeping with him and Walter were still talking to him.

Anyway, Lincoln Lee susses out that Peter's scared, and Peter admits to it. He's scared that every day he's here the people he loves get farther and farther away from him. He wants Lee to let them do their jobs, since there's nothing he can do that they can't do for themselves. But then things seem to change for Peter when he sees Fauxlivia and Lincoln Bee bring the subject in: David Jones. Lincoln Lee notices Peter noticing, and asks if Peter knows the guy. Peter just continues to stare.

Col. Broyles begins the interrogation by introducing himself and saying he's like to ask some questions, getting things off to a nice, polite start, and Jones says he doubts he's going to answer any of Col. Broyles' questions and besides, they don't have much time if they're to avoid unnecessary deaths. He explains that the shapeshifting agent Fringe knows as Brandonate was "taken offline" earlier today, and in his office, hidden behind a light fixture, is a hard drive Jones wants. "You have twelve minutes to bring it to me," he says. Broyles is surprised at the tight time frame, but Jones says he's been assured that by helicopter they can make it to the Department of Defense and back with two minutes to spare.

Walternate's watching the interrogation, along with Lincoln Bee and Fauxlivia, and the Secretary sends the agents. Not that anyone should be telling them how to do their job, but why not just get someone at the Department of Defense to retrieve the hard drive and bring it here? Why do a round-trip when you could just do it one way? Meanwhile, Jones is telling Broyles that there's nothing of interest on it to them, even though he's sure they'll copy the contents before they let him go. Col. Broyles chuckles at the idea of letting Jones go, but asks if there's anything else, and Jones asks for a cup of tea. Of course, he did, he's British.

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