Enemy of My Enemy

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Science Fiction Double Feature

"What the hell's he up to?" asks Bee in the SUV. Let me reiterate: having just discussed the possibility of Jones trying to lose himself in the lunch crowd, Bee sees Jones disappear in a swarm of people and wonders, "What the hell's he up to?" Back at Fringe HQ, the Farnsworthbot and Peter watch as the signal representing Jones on the big computer map suddenly proliferates into forty or fifty identical triangles that start to spread out. Farnsworthbot warns Broyles that there seems to be some sort of malfunction with the tracking software, but Fauxlivia figures it out: "It's in the money. He knows he's being tracked. He's put trackers on the money," she says, and hustles her ass off the park bench, with Lee following, wondering how Jones knew what signal they're using.

The agents all wade into the crowd, but they've lost Jones, who we see still wandering around, trailing money. Fauxlivia spots a new cluster of signals gathering around a fountain. Sure enough, that's where Jones is, but as he tosses the last bills into the air and walks away, his own signal simply blinks off on the screen, and he gets into a waiting car in a back alley, without the agents having any clue where he is. It would probably be wiser for Jones to have the back window rolled up, lest anyone see him, but he wants to make pointed eye contact with Col. Broyles before rolling the window up and making his getaway. With Fauxlivia reporting that they lost Jones, Col. Broyles orders everyone back to Fringe Division.

We move to a classy restaurant where Walternate is gulping back Scotch under the disapproving eye of Elizabeth, who says she knows that whatever happened today is a setback. He says it was more than that, that they were compromised. He orders another drink from the waiter, and Elizabeth is all, yeah, more Scotch will change things. My dear, not ordering another Scotch won't uncompromise Fringe Division either. Walternate doubts himself for gambling by releasing Jones, who is now gone. She thinks he's bothered by more than that, though, and asks if he's gone over the blueprints Peter asked him to. He nods, but says he's been trying to see that the machine is, as Peter says it is, capable of more than one function, but Walternate can't help him. He notes that the other Walter won't help Peter -- the waiter drops off the requested glass of Scotch -- which is ironic, given the lengths Walter went to in the past. Elizabeth says that's not his fault, and Walternate says the outcome is the same: He couldn't save his son then, and he can't save him now. That's why he's holding his rocks glass with both hands as he takes a sip. Then Elizabeth says, "Maybe I can. Maybe I can help Peter." You? But you're a lady.

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