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Science Fiction Double Feature

Back at Fringe Division, the Farnsworthbot is particularly Aspergersy as she shows Col. Broyles the files from Jones' hard drive and explains that it looks like he was using Defense satellites and ground-penetrating radar to gather geological information. Col. Broyles asks what's there: minerals, oil deposits, millions of unsold Atari cartridges of E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial video game? Farnsworthbot says she's found nothing of obvious value. She's doing some cross-referencing and such and stuff to see which locations have been searched the most, but hasn't come up with a pattern yet.

Peter strolls up, asking if he minds if she takes a look at her list of locations, and Farnsworthbot says she doesn't mind, like it's really her list of locations. Plus she seems a little fascinated by Peter, and blurts out, "Are you really from another timeline?" Peter says he thinks so, and Farnsworthbot says, "Cool."

We go from Extremely Awkward and Incredibly Strange over to Fauxlivia and Lincoln Lee, who are trying to track Jones down. Lee's preoccupied with figuring how Jones pinpointed so quickly the wavelength of the tracker they put on him. Fauxlivia skeptically asks if he thinks someone from their team told him, and Lee asks if she has a better idea.

Before she can answer, though, Farnsworthbot comes over to tell them that "that man, Peter" says he knows where Jones is going. So they have a little conference with Peter saying the thinks Jones is looking for a mineral named amphilicite. Farnsworthbot, feeling a little bummed for overlooking its significance, explains that it's found mostly under sizeable deposits of limestone.

Peter says that's because on its own it has no significance. It's inert in its natural state, but if processed properly is a power source. He explains that where he's from, William Bell used a tiny amount to create a battery, and Jones stole the battery. Lincoln Lee's skeptical of this notion of a battery made from rock, but Peter assures him that with his stuff you get a lot of bang for your buck: "Enough to blow a hole in the universe," he tells Col. Broyles. He thinks Jones must have figured out the same process Bell used and possibly how to weaponize the stuff.

The upshot is that of all the locations Jones was studying, the one with the most potential for amphilicite is the Mohonk Quarry along the Hudson River Valley. Farnsworthbot says they contacted the quarry, and people there told them they haven't seen any signs of trouble. Peter says that means they could finally be one step ahead of Jones, and Col. Broyles orders the quarry secured.

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