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I Want You To Want Me
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Lincoln Lee strolls into the Harvard lab to the soothing strains of "Green Onions" by Booker T. & the MG's and he sees the rest of his coworkers wrangling a reluctant Gene, who's wearing a huge cow-poncho with FBI printed in huge letters on the side. So wherever they're going, it's not an undercover case that involves a cow in the cover story... unless they're going to try to pass that off as standing for "Federal Bovine Inspection."

He asks what's going on and is immediately shushed because it's "grazing day," and the story here appears to be that Walter thinks that Gene's depressed (seasonal affective disorder, actually), which is crazy because what cow wouldn't love to be cooped up all day and night in a mad scientist's lab? So they're taking a day trip out to Warwick, where her favorite pasture is. "I see," says Lincoln, in a manner that suggests he's already mentally composing his transfer paperwork.

But it's only going to get worse for Lincoln, because Olivia brings him a trinket that she found in her apartment that she thinks might belong to him, because it's got his old partner's name, Robert Danzig, engraved on the back. Lincoln looks stricken as he confirms that yes, it is indeed his, but he gave it to Olivia a few months back when she came to see him at the hospital. "It was a thank-you for saving my life," he says. Obviously she doesn't remember that and if she doesn't remember that, she's definitely not going to remember the Native American symbolism of the maze on it. So he reminds her: "The maze represents the journey of life. The obstacles, making the right choices, until we find ourselves in the center." And what's in the centre, asks Olivia. "Home. A place to belong," replies Lincoln. Well if Olivia watches this episode, she'll have that hammered into her head enough times that she'll never forget it! Lincoln gives a little speech about how Danzig knew that Lincoln was never much for putting down roots and blah blah blah, so he gave that to him as a reminder that he always had a home with him and with his family. "This, he said, "was my tether." Olivia's looking at him sadly and this heartfelt moment is interrupted by Walter whispering to Olivia that he needs the sedative for Gene, who I see is now wearing a massive FBI baseball hat -- like WHO WAS THAT HAT MADE FOR -- and Olivia leaves Lincoln to stare glumly at his dead partner's touching medallion that he gave to a woman who doesn't even remember why.

In comes Astrid with a couple of boxes marked "Classified" that Lincoln guesses is Gene's "picnic lunch" and she explains that the other side is requesting a detailed debrief of their run-ins with David Robert Jones. Given the gaps in Olivia's memory, Broyles figured it would be best if somebody else goes. "Lucky me," she says.

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