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I Want You To Want Me

Lee just stares at him for a moment, but Canaan can't really hold his gaze and Lee gets up and leaves the room. Fauxlivia's waiting outside and can see that Lee won't exactly be running down Jones with anything he just got from Canaan and she says she's sorry.

And now begins the danger-fraught prisoner transfer! Bee's escorting Canaan out to a waiting van, unaware of the sniper's scope trained on them. The sniper decides to wait until there's a FENCEPOST in his line of fire, so misses his target and the agents all scatter and take cover behind vehicles. Fauxlivia tilts the van's side mirror so she can see where the shooter is (until he shoots it. Quick thinking!) and then yells for Lee to provide cover fire while she goes after him. He does so -- hardly necessary, since there are so many agents on the ground -- and she grabs a big-ass gun from the van and takes aim at the sniper, who's running along the building front's decorative fa├žade, which unfortunately for him, has gaps and he goes down by Olivia's bullet.

Everyone on the ground holsters his or her weapon and that's when we see that Lincoln Bee took a bullet; his blood's staining his white shirt. Because he's bad-ass, he's still more concerned about figuring out who knew about the transport. Fauxlivia tells him that the medevac's on its way and he'll be fine. Bee agrees he'll be fine, noting that he's been blown up before and he compliments Fauxlivia on her shooting.

So Lincoln Lee, as angry as we've seen him on this show, slams Canaan up against a fence to yell at him about how that was meant for him and Jones -- the man Canaan is protecting -- is never going to welcome him back. Canaan simpers that he has to, because he doesn't know what to do. Lee says he can wait for somebody else to define him, to give him his place in the world or he can decide that you're not just "somebody's broken puppet" anymore. Even Canaan is looking at Lee like, "A little on the nose, no?" "Choose!" yells Lee, shaking him a little. All right! Quit bossing! And we're off to commercial before we find out what Canaan decides.

We come back to the greenish-yellowing lighting of Fort Lee, New Jersey, beneath a Jolly Rancher-red sky. This is where Meana is doing the evil villain thing of just standing around an evil facility taking pleasure in its sheer nightmarishness -- in this case, the tanks of shapeshifters.

Someone uses a key card to gain access -- it's the sniper! Meaning its Canaan, of course, being greeted with a "Welcome back, sir" from a sentry. He heads into Meana's office, where she's eagerly awaiting the good news he assures her he's got. "It's done. We've tied up our loose end," he says and she asks if there was any resistance. Canaan says "the redhead" almost took his head off with a nearly impossible shot. But instead you're not wounded at all! Meana talks about how "that girl" -- by which she means both Olivia and Fauxlivia -- amazes her. And I'm sorry, but given that Meana's in touch with Col. Broyles, I'm not at all buying that Meana doesn't already know the hit was botched. Meana looks out with maternal pride on the tanks of shapeshifters and talks about how "he'll be pleased we've taken care of the problem at hand" while Canaan starts pushing buttons on her desk until alarms start going off indicating a security breach. She whirls around, and understands instantly: "Canaan," she says.

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