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I Want You To Want Me

And there's Fauxlivia, marching through the facility with armed agents. She busts into Mean's office, but Mean's already gone. Canaan, did you even try to stop her?

She's headed out a back exit, but her heels and cheongsam aren't going to help her get away. There are helicopters out there! Caught, she puts her arms up.

Back at Fringe HQ, Broyles is on the phone, saying "Let me know the moment she's in the building." He waves in the Farnsworthbot, who slowly tells him she's got something to report. Broyles says he already knows about Meana. The look on her face -- and what looks like a tear on her cheek -- indicates it's something else, but she stands there, her fingers twitching. Interesting read on it from some people who thought the Farnsworthbot was going to tell him that she knows his evil -- we know it's not the case now, but it was plausible in the moment.

Back at the Fort Lee facility, Lee and Fauxlivia are giddy over all the intel they've found -- blueprints, passports, aliases -- but there is a depressing lack of windmill-high-fiving going on, even after Lee points out the tracking board that shows where every shapeshifter is. "If we can hack this mainframe, we'll have the identity of every agent in Jones' network," he says. An agent approaches to ask for a word with Fauxlivia, she steps aside and leaves Lee gazing up at the Evil Foursquare map. He glances back and watches as Fauxlivia receives what's clearly bad news and he asks another agent what's happening. "Capt. Bee. He didn't make it," says the agent. Good god, Fauxlivia and Lee were the last to know! Fauxlivia covers her mouth with her hand and staggers, distraught, from the room.

We're on Liberty Island now and Lee and Canaan are going through the scanning device -- the big floor photocopier thing -- in the bridge and then arriving back in our universe. "I'd heard rumors of another world. Wasn't sure it really existed," says Canaan, agog. Um, all you've seen are the hallways of the bridge. Maybe wait until you see the outside world before you shit your pants? Canaan asks what they're doing there -- a question you'd think might have come up LONG before now -- and Lee says he's making good on his offer. "There's a man here who'll be able to help you," he says and then he introduces him to the waiting Bishop boys.

Walter is out of his mind with excitement: "It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm really looking forward to studying -- uh -- helping you," he says (his self-correction coming from Peter's prompting), which ought to be a giant red flag for Canaan right there.

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