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I Want You To Want Me

Afterwards, Lincoln Lee carries the boxes of classified material through the many guarded hallways and doors of the bridge to the other side. A soldier greets him and leads him to a room where he can get set up, then leaves to let Capt. Lincoln Bee and Agent Fauxlivia know he's arrived. Fauxlivia shows up moments later, griping (kiddingly) that it would've been nicer if he'd brought her a café latte instead of the pile of paperwork. At any rate, there's been a change of plans and Lee is going to brief her on the way and she leaves without explaining where they're going.

Then we're in a Fringe SUV, rooftop lights flashing, flying down the street as Fauxlivia seems to be enjoying the news that David Robert Jones has been dosing Olivia with Cortexiphan. "Peter Bishop believes he was trying to activate some kind of latent ability," says Lincoln and Fauxlivia asks if they're talking about heat vision or communicating with fish. Lincoln says her guess is as good as his and he looks kinda pleased to poke a little fun at the woman who broke his heart. As for whether it worked or not, he does acknowledge that there were some unforeseen side effects, but glosses over it with a "long story." I'm sorry, but isn't the whole POINT of this visit is to tell the other side what's going on?

Anyway, Fauxlivia asks if the side effects are why they sent him or did he just draw the short straw? He doesn't answer, but notes some activity down an amber-encased alleyway and asks about it. "The Department of Containment's re-opening this part of the city," she says and turns on her fancy Fringe Division radio, which announces that Zone 13-A, more commonly referred to as Parkside, was closed Nov. 12, 2004 due to severe toxic air conditions. Oh and there's one "live media alert" on this subject, which turns out to be a speech from Secretary Walternate pontificating on a turning point in history: "In the last week alone, 11 previously uninhabitable zones have been reopened. Our cities are healing. Our world is being restored," he says and then he adds a bit about never forgetting the people they've lost. Then he's out, dropping the mic on the floor and stomping off. "I take it things are starting to get better because of the bridge?" says Lincoln. Fauxlivia says that has stabilized spatial rifts in the ambered areas. She doesn't know how it works and she doesn't care. She's just happy.

Then she asks him if he wants to settle a bet and I believe he's obligated to do so under their mutual bet-settling agreement. She asks what his middle name is. It's Tyrone. "It was my great-grandfather's name," he explains and then asks why she wants to know. If she tells him, we don't see it, but when they pull up at their destination and get out of the SUV she yells, "What's up, Tyrone?" at Lincoln Bee.

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