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I Want You To Want Me

Bee's decidedly unthrilled as well as surprised to hear that coming from her and then he spots Lincoln Lee and pieces it together. "Why would you tell her that?" he snaps at Lincoln Lee, who's somewhat surprised Bee doesn't like Tyrone. "I think it's a strong middle name," he says. Fauxlivia explains that Bee has been her partner for six years and yet he wouldn't tell me his middle name. I find it difficult to believe that Fauxlivia couldn't have easily tracked that down in Fringe Division, but whatever. Lincoln Lee says "My bad" about as whitely as you can imagine.

And now that the good-natured ribbing is out of the way, perhaps they can get down to investigating? What they have here is the body of an unidentified assailant; a woman made an emergency call last night after she was assaulted walking to her car. During the attack, someone saved her -- he thinks it has something to do with the vigilante cases the police department has been working. Bee explains for Lee that criminals have gone missing, junkies are vanishing, victims calling in and reporting their assailants being attacked mid-crime. "Maybe Batman's moved to the Bronx," jokes Lincoln, only Lincoln Bee and Fauxlivia have never heard of Batman. "The Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight? Billionaire playboy puts on a cape to clean up the streets of Gotham," explains Lee, and Bee says, "Oh, you mean Mantis," and Lee is all, "Seriously? Your superhero is an insect?" like A) I'm pretty sure each universe has MORE THAN ONE SUPERHERO, and B) EARTH-1 HAS PLENTY OF INSECT-BASED SUPERHEROES. Also, wasn't one of the framed comic-book covers in Peter's Earth-2 apartment a Batman comic?

Oh, and C) As Olivia points out "Oh, what, 'cause nothing says 'badass' like a flying rat?"

But neither Mantis nor Batman could have done this says Bee, as he unzips the body bag. We see the mugger's face, parts of which look -- well, "melted" is the only way to describe it. Lee asks if the other bodies looked like this and Bee says there haven't been any others; this is the first one they've found. So the question is -- assuming this is their guy -- what's changed that made him leave this body behind?

Elsewhere, someone who looks decidedly like the mugger -- but with an unmelted face -- is loading a cardboard box of junk into the back of a crappy fan near a fence with a Quarantine sign on it. He takes his wallet out of his back pocket, opens it up and looks at a picture of a young boy (also with an unmelted face). So it looks like we're dealing with another shapeshifter.

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