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I Want You To Want Me

The sound of voices nearby makes him duck behind the back door of the van and we can see a couple of dudes in containment suits walking along the alley, amber in the distance, saying things like "Nominal readings" and "So far so good." They pass by a magazine stand and lift up a newspaper with a front-page photo that's actually a video of a boxing match, which is great, because once people learned that they could get their news on computers, they've longed to combine the limited space and newsprint stains of newspapers with video technology. "You remember this match?" asks one and the other wants to forget it: "I lost two Fillmores on that fight," like OK WE GET IT WE'RE IN THE OTHER UNIVERSE. Determining that there's only four parts per million of nasty stuff, they determine that they're all clear, and they take their hoods off.

Then one gets a reading of "high amounts of tissue organics." His partner dismisses it as a false positive, but the first one disagrees, since someone else got the same reading yesterday. The mugger ducks into the back of the van, but then notices that he dropped his wallet. He stares at it a moment before risking detection by hopping out and grabbing it.

The Containment guys don't spot him, though, as they've traced the reading to inside a nearby church. They break down a door and spot footprints in the dust on the stairs, so the guys are getting a little freaked out -- "This zone's been uninhabitable for eight years," says one -- but things are only going to get worse.

Calling out "hello?" and "anyone here?" as they descend, they get no answer.

Not that the no one's there: here's your high reading of tissue organics -- a pile of dead bodies in various stages of decay, scattered like college students the morning after a frat party.

After the commercial break, Fringe arrives on scene with Fauxlivia apologizing for the timing and telling Lincoln Lee that the debriefing is going to have to wait, since this is going to take them a while. But he balks at the notion of return to his own side just yet and offers his assistance, if they'll take it. Fauxlivia seems delighted and she turns to Lincoln Bee, who gives the biggest "whatever" of a shrug possible.

The three of them head to check out the crime scene, but Lincoln Lee's stopped by an agent who says that he just wanted to tell him "thanks." A very confused Lincoln Lee says "you're welcome" and shakes his hand and then asks Fauxlivia afterwards if the agent thought he was Lincoln Bee. Fauxlivia laughs and says he knows who he is. "He's just thanking you because our world, in part, is healing because our two sides are working together. I mean, your team may toil away in secret over there, but over here you're heroes." That's a nice change from being fugitives, I suppose.

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