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I Want You To Want Me

That leads him back to Fringe Division HQ, where the Farnsworthbot is confused by Lee's request, which is to find surveillance footage of the victim after she disappeared. Farnsworthbot has calculated that the likelihood of finding such footage is one in 86,700. "Humor me," says Lee and Farnsworthbot stares at him blankly, prompting him to add, " to speak." Heh.

Lincoln Bee's there too and he wants to know why Lee needed the time of death on the headless corpse. Lee says it's not worth mentioning it, but he'll let Bee know if it pans out. Bee, however, isn't done: he wants to know why Lee doesn't want to go back home. Lee pretends to not know what Bee is talking about and Bee points out that back at the church Lee wouldn't let Fauxlivia arrange his return trip. He asks Lee if there's a problem and Lee says they can handle things just fine without him back home. "Well, that's the difference between us: My world wouldn't survive without me," says Bee, about as dickishly as you can imagine. Lee says he noticed Bee's "unwavering confidence," and Bee doesn't notice the slight wryness in Lee's voice so he takes it as a compliment, at least until Lee punctuates it with "...bordering on self-aggrandizing narcissism."

Before an angry Bee can pop Lee in the mouth, Lee hastily says he could use some of that himself. "We're not much alike, you and me," says Lee. Bee says he noticed that too, in a tone of voice that suggests he wants to add, "...I'm not a wuss."

Prompted by Lee so he can determine where their paths diverged, the two of them compare biographies and discover they have identical histories: They lived in Teaneck until their mothers died and then their fathers moved them to Philadelphia where they started businesses -- Lee's Hardware -- while Lee and Bee went to Hamilton High, where they graduated with identical GPAs of 3.85, having slacked off senior year to work at their dads' stores. Neither of them went to prom, having just broken up with a couple of Alicia Dvoskins. Loss of virginity doesn't come up. I gotta say -- the blending of the same actor playing two roles is done so seamlessly that, up until just now rewatching it, I completely forgot that it's, you know, the same actor playing both roles. Well done.

"Is this normal? Sharing so much of the same history?" asks Lee and Bee shrugs.

No time to discuss it, as the Farnsworthbot calls them over to look at the surveillance footage -- she's found an 82% facial recognition to the locket photo with the other eighteen percent difference probably due to the gross growths on her face, like with Canaan at the soup kitchen. Lee points out that the footage is from more than two days after she died. "That's impossible," says Bee, because everyone here seems to repeatedly forget about shapeshifters. Unspoken is the question: Who wears a locket that contains a picture of herself?

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