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I Want You To Want Me

Nevertheless, Fauxlivia and the two Lincolns present the theory to a skeptical Broyles, who's not convinced (not that, being evil, he has much motivation to let himself be convinced) that an error wasn't made in the lab: "I just don't see anything in this case that correlates at all with what we know about shapeshifters," he says and Lincoln Lee agrees with him: "You're right. Not the versions you've encountered, Agent Broyles." Broyles quickly and sternly reminds him that it's "Colonel" Broyles over here.

Anyway, Lee explains that since the death of his partner, he's become a bit of an expert on shapeshifters and the earlier biosynthetic ones required a three-pronged device that was jammed onto the victim's palate, leaving the indentation that they found on the roof of Bree Collins' mouth at the church. But when Col. Broyles asks if they found the same markings on the other bodies, they're forced to admit they found nothing conclusive.

Col. Broyles also asks Lincoln Lee to explain why the unique state in which they found the bodies in the church bears no resemblance to corpses left by the earlier shapeshifter prototypes. He can't. Col. Broyles also wants to know how targeting criminals fits in to David Robert Jones' agenda. Lee's got no answer for that either.

"I'm sorry, but I suspect in your desire to avenge your partner, you may be unconsciously perverting the evidence to fit the profile of a shapeshifter," says Col. Broyles. Fauxlivia tries to interject, but Col. Broyles just keeps right on rollin' and tells Lee that he appreciates the help, but since he was here for just a simple sharing of info, maybe it's time he went home.

Turning his attention to Bee and Fauxlivia, he tells them to alert him when they have something more concrete. Then he struts by out of his office, using his pecs to demonstrate what he means by concrete. "Well, that went well," says Lee. Ah, don't worry about it. Col. Broyles does that to all the outsiders! Plus he's evil.

In some neighborhood park, a bunch of kids are playing soccer with Canaan sitting on a bench watching them and finally thinking, "Oh yeah, I should pull my collar up over my gross neck." Of course, the stranger watching boys in the park doesn't help allay anyone's suspicion by looking like he's trying to conceal his identity.

An errant kick sends the ball rolling to Canaan's feet, and he picks it up and hands it to the boy who comes to retrieve it. "You know, you're really good," says Canaan. "Thanks," says the boy, a little awkwardly. If it's the boy from the photo, he's older with longer hair, but I suppose that might make sense too.

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