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Bathroom Breakup
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We pick up from where we left off last week, with Olivia kissing a very surprised Peter, who inexplicably didn't just go with it. Instead they sit down and Peter wants to know if Olivia's OK, and she says she is. "Then why did you kiss me?" asks Peter, because clearly it's a sign that something is very amiss if someone wants to kiss him. Olivia says it just felt normal, like it's what they would do.

She's perfectly aware of who she is and who Peter is, she says, and she thinks this is just residual effects from being welcomed to Westfield, and she deflects Peter's suggestion that she should let Walter have a look at her. "I think what I need is just some rest. I'm sorry that I kissed you. To be honest, I'm a little bit embarrassed about it." He offers to stay, just to make sure she's OK (with sexy results, I'm sure), but she says she wants time alone and she thinks she's got another migraine coming on, and he leaves, but first wrangles a promise from her that she'll see Walter in the morning if she's still feeling wonky. She closes the door on him, and then flashes back to that time the other Olivia came over for her date with Peter and he was all glimmery, which was when we all knew that Peter was from the other universe.

Welcome to Deerfield (Mental Hospital), where a young man is shuffling around in the dead of night in his pajamas and bathrobe, shushing someone, although he's the only one around. He goes to the window of what appears to be the cafeteria. "It's time," he says.

And we immediately jump to Douglaston, New York, where a trio of ne'er-do-wells are entering a home that is not their own. Back at Deerfield, the young guy whispers, "He's in the kitchen." In Douglaston, there is indeed a middle-aged man in the kitchen, burning himself on some popcorn that he's taking out of the microwave.

The Deerfield kid whispers for the three guys in Douglaston to fan out, which they do, while the man in the kitchen empties the bag of popcorn into a bowl, and somehow manages not to have either tons of kernels left over or that clump of browned and burnt popcorn. But the Deerfield mastermind is interrupted by a woman named Bernadette, who comes into the kitchen and calls him "Sean" and says he should be in bed. He resists somewhat, but then acquiesces as Bernadette leads him down the hall, telling him that the voices he's hearing in his head aren't real. Then he stops when the popcorn man leaves the kitchen. "He's coming your way. He's coming your way," Sean says, as though the three young lads are in some sort of danger from the middle-aged man with the bowl of popcorn who doesn't even know they're there. He's startled and drops his popcorn when he spots one (who has a knife) and then another, and then he backs his way up the stairs, frantically telling them they can take whatever they want, only to be jumped from behind by the third thug, who wraps a plastic bag around the man's head and then all three of them start attacking the guy, breaking a glass door in the process. Plus the whole place now stinks like that nasty fake butter they put on microwave popcorn, so this is a tragedy in so many ways.

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