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Bathroom Breakup

Back at the lab, Walter gets a printout from some big fancy machine, and he says, "Good god" when he looks at it. Lincoln Lee strolls in to let Walter know that Olivia and Peter are on their way to get Dr. Frank's research files. "That's not important now. I need you to take me to the bridge," says Walter. Not just any bridge, you understand. Actually, no, Lincoln Lee doesn't understand. Walter says he needs to see Nina Sharp: "I know what's happening to Olivia."

After the commercial break, it's off to Liberty Island, where Nina has an office. She's "surprised" to see Walter and Lincoln Lee, and she's as pleasant as possible given that whenever Walter barges in, it's pretty much guaranteed to be bad news. They tell her that Olivia has been dosed recently and repeatedly with Cortexiphan. Walter did a chemical analysis, he explains. Nina's shocked, which doesn't tell us much. Because either she's not involved and it's a shapeshifter, or she is involved, and is going to keep lying about it. She asks if he's spoken to her. "I examined her. As far as I can tell, she's not in immediate jeopardy," says Walter. He's glaring at Nina. He clearly thinks Nina's responsible, while Lincoln's much more diplomatic; he just wants to figure out what happened, and asks Nina where the remaining Cortexiphan samples are kept. Nina says they're under Massive Dynamic's tightest security. Lincoln's a little skeptical, but Nina explains that the vault is biometrically secured; she's the only one with access. This was where I figured that Nina's not acting; if she were involved, then that's not really the kind of thing it'd be a smart idea to admit to. Of course, given what's to come, I suppose a fake Nina would have to act as though she had no reason to lie.

Lincoln wants her to take them to the facility, and Walter growls that he and Belly numbered the samples before they were stored, so if anyone has tampered with them, he'll know. Nina says she just needs to make a few phone calls, but Lincoln's only willing to be so diplomatic. "No calls. The less people who know about this the better," he says. Yes, it would be preferable if he knew when to use "less" and when to use "fewer" but the fate of the universe may be at stake here!

Peter and Olivia are now at the storage facility in Back Bay, looking for Unit 2251, although it's a mystery why they didn't just stay in the car rather than hoofing it. And speaking of units, Olivia is talking about how she misses Peter's. "In case you were wondering, it's hard for me too, you know. I keep expecting to see that look in your eye, and it isn't there. Or it is, and you're pulling back," she tells him, and he says he's confused. So is she, she says, adding that she feels like she knows him better than anyone else in the world, but then when he looks at her, "it's like none of that is true." At this point they're not even looking for Unit 2251 but standing there being whiny at each other. Peter says he doesn't know what she wants from him (although given that he's gone through exactly this you'd think he might be a TAD more sympathetic here, and she says she wants him to behave naturally. Well, he is scowling a lot! Doesn't that help? She says she wants him to treat her like he knows her better than anyone in the world too, because he does. He sighs and grimaces and such and keeps moving, and finds Unit 2251, which is right in front of them.

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