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Bathroom Breakup

They approach the unit, Olivia especially cautiously, because the last time she opened one, she reminds Peter, it was rigged with Semtex. He asks if she means with John Scott -- just in case there are other storage-facility explosions he's not aware of. He asks how she knows it was Semtex, and she explains that when they were trying to figure out what happened, they traced the explosive back to a munitions trader in Hong Kong. She asks why he's asking. "'Cause I didn't know it was Semtex until right now," he says. Olivia doesn't know why that's a big deal, and he says Walter's theory that he's projecting his memories onto her can't possibly be right. "You can't have memories that I've never had. I don't understand how this is happening." Given that Olivia doesn't have amnesia of everything that happened before she met Peter in whatever timeline Peter came from, I'm not sure this disproves Walter's theory the way Peter does, but whatever. Peter doesn't understand what's happening. Neither does Olivia, but she's a lot less concerned about it. "Whatever this is, whatever the cause, I told you: I'm not scared." I can't be the only person raised on Star Wars who hears "I'm not scared" and hears a raspy old voice say, "You will be. You. Will. Be." Anyway, Olivia LIKES the feeling that she's in love with Peter, so yeah, something clearly is wrong here. She's beaming again, and Peter looks constipated. So back to work! Olivia turns back to the unit, and finds the large padlock is unlatched.

But before we can see what's inside, we go back to Astrid and Sean, who's looking concerned. "They feel threatened. They need to stop someone," he says. Astrid asks who. "They're gonna kill her," he says.

At the storage facility, Olivia and Peter open up the storage locker -- note the vehicle we can see behind them -- and find a mess of smashed hard drives. "Someone got here before us," says Olivia. No, no! The doctor keeps the real hard drives under the smashed ones to throw off those guys with the shows where they auction off the contents! Olivia answers her cellphone. It's Astrid, warning her that "they know that you're there!" just as the SUV that's been creeping up behind them suddenly roars into ramming speed, and Peter pushes Olivia -- who has frozen literally in the headlights -- aside, and then the two of them are set upon by a pair of batwielding hive-minders who are dispatched almost amusingly quickly by Peter and Olivia.

Over at the retirement home, a couple of Boston's finest have shown up at the reception desk, asking for Dr. Frank. The attendant says he's on the third floor, and gets up to show them. But at that moment, Frank is being joined by a couple of other visitors: two of his children, who stare at him ominously. "You're... you're mine," he says. They stare at him, blinking. They don't say a word. They grab a pillow and approach him, and by the time the police officers arrive, the hive-minders are gone, and Dr. Frank is dead, eyes and mouth open, head tilted back. A police officer yells for the facility to be locked down.

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