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Bathroom Breakup

That night, she visits Peter at his campus housing, and he's excited to see her. Probably going to get some! She asks if it's OK if she comes in and has a look around. Of course that's OK, and she strolls in. She notes the spot where, in Peter's timeline, Walter used to sleep. "How did you know that?" Peter asks, surprised. Olivia looks around, and gets a flash of a memory of Peter and her toasting "to disaster narrowly averted," and then current Olivia talks about how she remembers that case about the couple in Apartment 6B, they came back here, and then they went upstairs, if you know what she's getting at, and in case you don't, there's a flash of the two of them kissing. "I remember," she says. Peter says that's not possible, when it is far from the least possible thing that's ever happened on this show. What else does she remember? She remembers William Bell, and crossing over to bring Peter back, and Jacksonville, and seeing him shimmer the first time they kissed -- which is kind of conflating two separate events, but since things to be a little scrambled up we can either allow it or chalk it up to a missing comma in the script. "I remember you walking to the machine and getting inside and being scared that you were going to die," she says. She's not freaked out about this -- in fact, there's almost a beatific calm about her -- but Peter's pretty concerned; he says he doesn't know what's going on, but something be wrong. "I remember it. I remember us. I remember everything," she says, eyes shining.

So it's off to Walter's lab for testing, and Olivia is sitting under one of Walter's souped-up salon hairdryer things, asking her questions like what her name is and where she lives so he can calibrate his machine or whatever. "All right, let's see if we can figure out what's going on inside your head, hopefully give you some peace of mind," he says, and she's all, "I'm not scared, I keep telling you both." Peter's standing around, glowering, and he says, "That makes one of us," and Walter tells them both to shush, and then asks Olivia where he and she met. Olivia starts talking about St. Claire's, because her partner had been injured in an explosion and she was hoping Walter would be able to save his life. "And Peter was with me because I needed a family member to sign you out," she says, and Peter shakes his head and tells her that's what happened in his timeline. Olivia smiles at him, and Peter just keeps glaring. Walter asks if she can remember going to get him without Peter, and she thinks about it and says she can -- she remembers getting lost, but it's hazy and indistinct, like an old dream.

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