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Walter Lose Brain? Uh Oh!
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It's a busy downtown street full of happy Loyalists and stoic Observers going about their daily business. And in strolls Peter -- with the collar of his jacket turned up, presumably to hide the entry wound of his Observo-Neck-Tech -- surveying the scene. We get his POV -- blue overlay over everything as he watches Observers walking around, driving in cars, bumping into women on the street. Things speed up and slow down, and the audio isn't quite synced up as an Observer in a car spots one on the sidewalk -- "Mueller" is his name, he's the one that bumped into the woman -- and calls him over for a conversation about something he wants to show Mueller.

Peter refocuses, and suddenly the time and audio distortions make sense. What he just saw hasn't happened yet. Then he steps out into the street, halting traffic -- and it's nice to see that drivers are on just as fine a hair-trigger during an occupation as they are today -- and looking several car lengths back at the car with the Observer (and a couple of Loyalists) are now stuck.

After a few moments (during which no one, inexplicably, has pounded the crap out of him), he crosses over to the other side and traffic gets going again. Peter watches as Mueller, who's carrying a briefcase, strolls down some steps and onto the sidewalk, just as he watched him earlier, and bumps into the woman again. This time, however, he crosses the street and continues on his way unseen by the Observer in the car, as he's now much farther back than he was in Peter's Observo-vision. Peter sees a RESIST poster of Etta, and he smiles. He takes out his phone and calls Anil: "I'm gonna need your help with something," he says. His movements and his voice are very controlled, very robotic.

After the opening credits, Peter returns via the secret passageway to the lab, where an irked Walter wants to know why the hell it took so long. Whereas for me a delay getting somewhere usually means I stopped off at Fred's Records, Peter was busy playing God. But he tells Walter, "He wasn't as interested in bartering as a I anticipated. It took some convincing." This is surprising to Walter, who figured that gasoline for neon-helium sounds like a fair trade, and then he's disappointed that Peter scored only four canisters. Well, do it yourself, Walter, if you're such an expert in the post-Observer barter economy.

The neon-helium is fuel for the laser, and a happy Astrid says she'll fire it up after breakfast, and Walter gruffly tells her to get started. "The world's not going to save itself," he points out, earning an eyeroll from Astrid. I was going to say that if anyone appreciates the value of a good breakfast, it's Walter, but then I remembered that he's turning into an asshole again.

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