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Walter Lose Brain? Uh Oh!

Meanwhile, Olivia's a little surprised/concerned that Peter left without her, since she wanted to go with him. Peter says it was really early, and he didn't want to wake her. "That's one way to put it. The other is that you didn't sleep again," she says. Peter admits that he couldn't sleep, but assures Olivia he's fine. Olivia's not buying it, since HUMANS SLEEP and everything.

Everyone freezes as a patrol pulls up outside, with a couple of Loyalists stomping around and trying the door to the building but not, you know, looking in the windows or anything. The door's locked, so they moved on, which is as rigorous a search process as the Stormtroopers looking for Droids in Mos Eisley. The patrol moves on, and everyone gets moving again, Olivia looking sadly at Peter.

Yay, a new Betamax tape! No kidding, people, my family had a Betamax until 1991, or several years after everyone else had VHS and you couldn't rent Beta movies anymore, but it was a Sony so it lasted forever and my parents wouldn't buy a new one until the old one conked out and who knows how long it would have lasted, but finally my mom won a VHS in a drugstore raffle so THANK GOD I could finally not be embarrassed to have friends over again.

Where was I? Oh yeah! A new tape! They stick it in the machine, which is nicer than we had. Honest to god, the Betamax was so old that the remote control WASN'T EVEN WIRELESS, I mean, it connected to the Betamax with a cord like some kind of caveman VCR, and my friends and I discovered that we could make a tape pause if we CHOMPED ON THE CORD, like I swear to god we did that, and how any of us don't have massive head cancer today is a wonder.

Wait, sorry. ANYWAY, Video Walter welcomes everyone to Tape 5 of Operation Make Observers Defeated Now, Walter shows them a picture of the Observer bullet vibrator, which he says a beacon that allows them to locate different points in spacetime, and also to achieve organism. "You will need two of them!" he says. Also, there are blueprints, which Walter recognizes as being for one of their labs at Kelvin Genetics, which he and Belly designed. Video Walter gives them directions to Bell's private storage facility within the building, where he had been keeping two beacons. "The doors are made of reinforced steel. They can be unlocked with Bell's handprint," says Walter. Astrid tells Walter that must be why he took Bell's hand when they were freed from the amber: "You said that it was for a storage facility. It was for this." Walter figures that's why Bell was with them in the amber: "I needed him to get the cylinders."

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