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Walter Lose Brain? Uh Oh!

"We go through it," says a determined Walter, while Peter steps away to answer his ringing cellphone, telling everyone it's Anil (what a coincidence!). Anil says he couldn't "give him the briefcase," and then we learn what he's talking about: "I followed the Baldie into the park. I did everything just like you said." Peter says Anil should have seen him sit at a bench and then stand up and forget his briefcase, and then Anil was to have approached and given him the one Peter gave him.

"He never forgot his briefcase, Peter. He was sitting on the bench. I saw him get up. But he took his briefcase with him," says Anil. Peter says that's impossible, and then says he's going to come to Anil.

He goes back to the group, which has decided they're going to get in touch with Nina Sharp, since she's got access to advanced technology through the Ministry of Science; Walter's plan is to change the molecular structure of the concrete rubble. Oh, of course! Peter says he's got to go talk to Anil, and when Olivia asks him why, Peter says Anil didn't want to say over the comm. More suspicion from Olivia, and Peter jokes that she's got that look on her face, the one that says, "'I'm worried about you.'" Olivia asks if she should be, and Peter says no. Well, what else would he say? "You go talk to Nina. I'll liberate myself a ride," he says. That means he's going to teleport, RIGHT? Olivia does not look placated.

Over to Brooklyn, where Old Nina Sharp is riding her little Rascal around a fountain, when her assistant catches up with her to hand her a note that Nina reads. It seems to surprise her. She tells her assistant to push her afternoon meeting, and warns that she'll be out of the office for a bit.

And then we watch her motor over a pedestrian bridge for a warm if bittersweet reunion with Olivia. "I never thought I would see you again," Nina says. Olivia gives her a kiss, while Walter and Astrid look on. Nina asks how she's been, and Olivia admits it's been hard, but they're continuing on with Walter's plan. "For Etta," she explains, perhaps unnecessarily. Nina says she's sorry for their loss, because Etta was very special to her. She heard the news through Broyles. "I wanted to reach out to you so much, but I was afraid that I would jeopardize your safety," says Nina. Olivia understands, but now they have no choice, and need her help. Anything, says Nina.

They go for a walk (roll) and Olivia explains about the damage to the building, but they think the underground structure is intact. Walter says he was hoping she's got access to technology that could change the atomic structure of the rubble and help them clear it. "The Observers created a device that dramatically alters atmospheric pressure, speeding up molecules in all the matter in a controlled area. A process called sublimation," says Nina. As Walter knows, "sublimation" is the term for the conversion of a solid directly into gas, and Nina explains that they used the technology to clear large areas of land for construction, like when they were prepping Central Park to build their air-degradation device. She tells them she'll meet them at the south side of the building in ten minutes.

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