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Walter Lose Brain? Uh Oh!

Moments later, the Fringers bring the van around, and Nina rolls up to greet Walter when he gets out of the van. She asks if he's angry at her, and he asks why he should be. "Because I told Etta and Simon how to re-implant the portion of your brain you had removed," she says. Walter, looking like he is pissed about that, says she did what was necessary, and Nina agrees with that, explaining they needed his intellect restored. "There was a lot at stake. There still is," she says, and then asks if he has noticed any changes in his personality since the implant. This draws Walter up short, and he admits to "some," and Nina says the tissues are integrating faster than she thought they would. "The man I was before, do you see him in me now?" Walter asks her. Nina says she doesn't, but Walter would know better than she does anyway. Especially since she's talked to him all of FORTY-FIVE SECONDS here. She asks if he's worried. He shakes his head slightly.

"The man I was before, he was consumed by ambition, by hubris. He never cared about anyone. All he cared about was walking with the gods," he says. This time, explains Walter, he's got Peter, who won't let him become that man again. Poor Walter doesn't know Peter's got his own shit going on.

A loading door rolls up, and Nina tells the white-jacketed man behind it, Hastings, to "give Dr. Bishop anything he wants." Hastings stares at the two of them, and Nina is all, "Yes, that Dr. Bishop." An awestruck Hastings says it would be an honor. Listen, Hastings, don't think this is going to be a recurring character or anything.

Over on the fringes of what's left of Central Park, Peter is going over with Anil what happened. Anil explains that the Baldie was sitting on the bench and writing in his notebook. Peter asks if he interacted with anyone in the park, and Anil says not that he saw. "Did you see a little girl? She would have been playing with a yellow ball in front of the bench Royce was sitting on," says Peter. Anil is dumbfounded. "How could you know that?" he asks, but Peter ignores him, and says "Royce" was supposed to be distracted by the kid playing as he stood to get up, causing him to forget his briefcase. Anil says Royce wasn't paying attention to any kid; he was talking on his comm. Peter's surprised to hear Royce was on his comm, and decides that was the variable that he failed to see. Royce is all, "What the HELL are you talking about," and Peter -- flashing through his Observo-Vision and seeing this Royce Observer handing over his briefcase at a restaurant -- takes the ringer from Anil and says he'll switch it at the restaurant. Anil is, unsurprisingly, completely baffled. "I know that you have questions, Anil, but I'm just gonna have to ask you to trust me," says Peter, handing Anil a slip of paper with an address. Anil recognizes it as a "Baldie precinct," and Peter explains that at 6:17, Royce and another Observer named Mueller will walk into the building. He wants Anil to call him when they do. Anil, after a moment, says he will.

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