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Walter Lose Brain? Uh Oh!

Meanwhile, Nina's decided to continue a boring conversation with Walter about how he said Peter will keep him from turning into the arrogant asshole he used to be, but she's not sure Peter will be enough. "I knew the man you were, you and William. You both tested the limits of science, of the universe. You felt that boundless power that comes with omnipotence," she says, adding that she couldn't hold on to William because nothing can compare to that kind of power.

Walter coldly tells her that the reason she couldn't hold onto him was because he never loved her. Well, so much for not becoming the asshole he used to be! "He never loved anyone except himself. I've been fooled by him too many times to think anything else. I know better, and so should you," he says. Nina stares at him and says she just saw Bell in Walter: "The Walter I know would never say anything so cruel," she says. I'm not sure that's true? Anyway, Walter, faith in Peter, "I love my son, he loves me, that will save me," blah blah blah. "For your sake, I hope that's true," says Nina.

Olivia comes over to tell Walter they're ready, and Nina warns them that since the Observers analyze any change in the atmosphere, so once they use the technology, the Observers will respond within minutes. Olivia thanks her, and Nina wishes them good luck, staring hard at Walter. Yes, even you, Walter. Nina starts to cry after they go.

Downtown, Anil's scoping out a high-rise. Mueller rides up outside, gets out of the car and walks inside. Or maybe it's not Mueller -- three Observers, all carrying briefcases, converge in a boardroom several stories up and take their hats off, so you know this is serious business. Just as Anil is about to make a call, the Observers pop their briefcases...

...and there is an explosion that blows the window out, and then we see the Observers stumbling around in agony. Probably has something to do with their faces falling off, literally. A single fedora rides the cross-currents down to the street below, and plops there, filthy and ownerless. Hey, free hat!

Back at Formerly Kelvin Genetics, the team is setting up the sublimation equipment as Peter pulls in, right when Anil calls him, having figured out Peter managed to switch the briefcase: "It was a success. This place is crawling with Baldies," he says. There's certainly enough of them just standing in the street looking up at the building.

After Peter signs off, Olivia comes over to ask what Anil wanted, and Peter says he waited for an hour but didn't show, and that was just him on the phone calling to let Peter know he got stopped at a checkpoint. But, uh, no, he didn't tell me why he wanted to meet, Olivia, that's ridiculous! Olivia's getting even more suspicious by the minute.

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