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Meanwhile, Jim and Emily Mallum are walking home, with Emily apologizing for not telling her father she was calling the FBI. Touchingly, he's proud of her, but warns that she's in the system now, so it's only a matter of time before people start showing up. Emily disagrees, saying that Agent Dunham promised it wasn't like that this time, that no one will harass them. But Jim's not listening, because he spots a black van parked against the street, and he hustles Emily inside and up to the apartment, where he orders her to pack her bags, and then yells for his wife.

All he has to say is, "Black van across the street, just like the one in Baltimore," and she's nodding, and telling Emily to do what her father says. Emily rolls her eyes and flounces off to her bedroom to start packing while her family does the same. She's flinging stuff into a suitcase when the hum starts up again, so she quietly closes her bedroom door, pulls out her sketchpad and begins adding to her sketch of the lake view, the place where she met Olivia. She's drawing a man sitting on the bench.

Meanwhile, Duncan gets off an elevator and asks a court clerk walking by where he can find Judge O'Malley, and the woman says he's in chambers, and asks if he has an appointment. Is she some kind of mobile receptionist or something? Before he can respond, there's a voice over the loudspeaker telling everyone to get out of the building, due to a "reported emergency." There's no particular urgency in the announcement -- it almost sounds like background noise -- but everyone's paying attention and starts moving towards the exits.

In the parking garage, the bomb team and sniffing dogs can't compete with the sharp eyes of Lincoln Lee, who notices a truck with a tarp covering some bulky load in the back. The bomb squad pulls it back to find several large tubs connected by wires and plugs. I think this might be it!

Olivia and Broyles are scanning the crowd leaving the building when Peter checks in with Broyles to let him know they found the bomb, which is rigged up to a remote detonation trigger. Bomb squad doesn't yet know how long it will take to disarm. Broyles fills in Olivia, and suggests she help the police set up a 200-meter blast radius (going with the metric!). Olivia right away sees through his attempt to get her out of danger, and refuses to go. "Olivia, what that man said to you, that you're gonna die, maybe this is what he was talking about," he says, and Olivia says she can't live her life or do her job like that. Yeah, she's got a point; it'll be pretty difficult to avoid any Fringe work that puts her in harm's way. She looks resolute, if maybe a little scared.

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