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Later, Olivia's over at the water cooler, getting something to wash down her migraine pills with, when Lincoln Lee comes up with some good news: Englehart's coworker ID'd the girl from surveillance tapes, and judging from the way she bypassed the 8th Street bus stop and the subway entrance, she probably either lives somewhere in the area or goes to school there.

And we're back with Emily, who's now on a bus. There's just the briefest of hums and she winces slightly. I realize she's not exactly a veteran actress, but whoever this is barely changes her expression throughout the entire episode -- and then starts to draw. Then she looks around the bus and spots the inspiration for this particular instance: a scruffy guy with long hair off a receding hairline, sitting towards the back of the bus. She starts sketching in his face, but we don't get to see his tableau of death. She tears the paper off and looks around again, but he's already off the bus and walking down the street. She yells for the bus driver to stop, which he seems to do without any complaint that we hear. She gets off and races down the sidewalk, but he's nowhere to be found, at least not in the cursory glance she gives down the street. She looks up into the sky. "I tried," she says.

All the rest of her family are at home, with the brother not understanding fractions because it's better when Emily explains them that his mom, he says. There's a knock on the door, and Mom and Dad go to answer it to find two chipper FBI agents, Olivia and Lincoln Lee, standing there with a picture of their daughter. The agents explain they're looking for this girl, and a neighbor said she might live in the building. Mom and Dad look at the picture, pretending like they're trying to recall, before saying they don't know her. Olivia asks who else live with them, Mr. ...? And the father introduces himself as Jim Mallum, with his wife Diane and the elegantly named Danny. Danny comes over to look at the picture too, and the kid doesn't even hesitate when his dad suddenly pretends to remember seeing her at Tanner Park, about four blocks over. Olivia thanks him for his help, and then the Mallum family closes the door, but Olivia points out that there was a red backpack, same as the one the girl has in the picture, on the cabinet. "So why did he lie to us?" Yeah, why WOULD someone whose daughter has freaky powers lie to FBI agents looking for her? I would! I've seen E.T.!

The agents are out on the street talking about getting a warrant instead of JUST WAITING FOR EMILY (or following the rest of the family when they leave), and then what luck! There's Emily now! What a surprise to see her on the sidewalk outside the building where the agents now know she lives?

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