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Suture Up Your Future

The agents introduce themselves to Emily, who seems wary, but again: her expression has been the same throughout, so it's hard to tell. Olivia explains she's not in trouble and they just want to talk, and she brings out the picture. Emily asks if the dude is dead, and Olivia figures Emily already knows he is. She asks how Emily was able to draw the picture before it happened. Emily says she doesn't know; she just senses it. Death.

Lee notices she's got another drawing and asks if she's seen something else. "Maybe we can stop it," he says, but just then Jim comes out, angrily saying they can't question her without parental consent. Lee goes for "You lied to us" while Olivia takes on "We don't need your consent," but then Jim just asks Emily if she wants to continue to answer the agents' questions. Emily looks scared, or pensive, or constipated, or relieved, or SOMETHING, and says no.

Emily starts to head inside, but her dad wants to give the agents a piece of his mind, and asks them if they think they're the first to come after Emily. This is the way it starts, he says, the authorities show up, and then the people who want to study her, like those people at Massive Dynamic. That piques the agents' interest, but Mallum isn't done: he lays out a scenario of people watching Emily from cars, waiting for the right moment to snatch her off the street. By this point, Lincoln Lee's rolling his eyes, but Olivia understandably, is taking it very seriously. "They poke and prod her like she's some kind of animal. You have any idea what that does to a young girl?" says Mallum, his eyes boring right into Olivia's soul. Even Lee seems to sense that there's something else in play here. Jim asks the agents to let his daughter have the chance at what's left of a normal childhood, and all Olivia can do is offer her card if he changes his mind. And if the Mallum family is being harassed, she thinks she can help. Olivia's struggling to keep her emotions in check.

After Emily and her father go inside, Olivia tells Lincoln that she wants him to run a background check on the Mallums. What's the point of that? Obviously Mallum is a fake name, so -- what's that? The father, despite being paranoid about shadowy government figures harassing his family, lied about knowing Emily, but gave his real name to the FBI agents? Yeah, that makes no sense. Anyway, Olivia says she's got a visit of her own to make, and we can probably guess where that is.

Inside, Jim tells his daughter that she did the right thing out there, because if it's happening again, no one can know, or they're all at risk. Emily tells her dad that she saw something awful, on the bus. More awful than what one can regularly see on the bus? Oh, about death and whatnot. Jim seems to get that it's bothering her daughter, but he says she knows how it works, that even if she told them, it wouldn't make a difference. "Remember what they did to you when we tried to help before?" he says, adding that it's better this way.

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