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Olivia's gone to visit Nina Sharp at work. Nina's delighted to see her, at least until Olivia gets right to it and says Emily Mallum's father said Massive Dynamic has been harassing them. "Are you asking me a question, or are you accusing me of something?" asks Nina, a little surprised. Can't it be both? Olivia says she thought Massive Dynamic was done using children as test subjects. Nina says they are, and tries to outline the difference between "testing" and simply "studying" since Emily's precog abilities would have let them make drastic advances in their study of the human brain, but Emily's father wasn't interested, even when Massive Dynamic offered to pay for her schooling.

The distinction doesn't impress Olivia; she's horrified that Nina could have raised her and seen the damage that was done to her but still see nothing wrong with what she just said. "I don't see the difference. It's still abuse," says Olivia. Nina doesn't get a chance to respond because Olivia's cellphone rings like HOW RUDE and Olivia answers it. It's Emily, sitting on the bench by the lake, and she reminds Olivia that she said she could help, and asks her to meet her. Olivia excuses herself from Nina's office so we can zoom in on Nina's stunned-but-guilty face. I think Olivia may get a triple shot of knockout gas and shapeshifter medication or whatever Nina's got going on with her.

When Olivia strolls up to the bench, she talks about what a nice place it is to meet, and Emily says it reminds her of a place they used to live. A better time. Maybe a time where she cracked a SMILE every now again. She says she sometimes sneaks out here to think and to clear her head.

Olivia asks if her father knows she called her, and Emily shakes her head and looks down, and Olivia gently presses on, asking why she called. Emily takes out her drawing, which depicts the guy from the bus among several people strewn about some sort of disaster site. "I think a lot of people are going to die," she says.

After a commercial break, Emily's now in Walter's lab, which should be enough to scare any precognitive abilities out of anyone, and while Walter examines her eyes, she explains that the first time it happened, she was 11, and in a pet store with her mother. She heard a hum, and thought something was wrong with her ears, but when they were leaving, the man behind the counter had a heart attack, and she saw it in her mind before it happened. Then I felt kind of guilty for being relieved that nothing happened to the puppies.

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