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Suture Up Your Future

Speaking of that! Peter and Astrid already matched Emily's sketch with a face: an Albert Duncan, with an apartment in Jamaica Plain. Olivia's all "let's go!" and then Peter says, "And then what? Even if you can save Mr. Duncan, what about the rest of the people in that drawing?" Like, WHAT DID YOU FIND IT FOR THEN PETER, and Lincoln Lee points out that they're not helping anything just stand there, and so he and Olivia take off rather than continuing to listen to Peter shoot down what anyone else is doing.

Except he's got another idea of his own; while Jim wants to know if they can leave now, since there's nothing more Emily can do, Peter's wants to have Walter hypnotize Emily to recover her vision. Walter's surprised at Peter's suggestion, and asks what makes him think he can even do that. "Because where I'm from, I've seen you do it before," says Peter. I'm sure this is all very reassuring for Jim Mallum, standing right there.

Olivia and Peter are let into Duncan's apartment by the superintendent, who asks if Albert is in any trouble, and Lincoln says they don't know. "Sure, I understand. I wouldn't tell me either," and I don't really think anyone's interested in your nobody-tells-the-super-anything pity party, buddy. Olivia calls the lab to let Astrid know that Duncan isn't back yet. He works construction, but his boss said Duncan's been away all week.

In the lab, Walter's come around to the hypnosis idea really quickly, and has Emily set up underneath a complicated array of blinking red and green lights. Also, Jim seems to be remarkably OK with this.

So for someone who's not even sure he can hypnotize someone, Walter gets the hang of it really quickly, and puts Emily into a trance where she's back on the bus, looking around for Duncan. She can't see him, she reports, but she is hearing the Impending Death Hum. Walter encourages her to look some more, and her vision swims through the extreme close-ups and blurriness until she finally sees him, getting off the bus. Walter encourages her to get off and follow him.

She does that, and then we get a nifty set piece in which Emily wanders among people frozen three-dimensionally. They're in the middle of some sort of catastrophe -- rubble is strewn around and there's smoke and stones and toppled columns. "Oh, god. They're dead. They're all dead," she says. Jim's concerned that his daughter seems to be in some sort of distress, but Walter -- who has tons of experience hypnotizing teenage girls with precognitive abilities, after all -- says nothing can hurt her. Yeah, nothing to worry about when you're messing with someone's mind.

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