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To be fair to Walter though, he looks like he's not entirely sure that nothing can hurt her (although that would make his participation in this experiment a little more iffy). Anyway, they need to try to figure out where she is.

Peter suggests to Jim that it might help Emily to hear his voice, so Jim crouches by his daughter and asks her to tell him what she sees. You know, this character surprised me. Rare is the thriller/crime show in which a character's early reference to God doesn't foreshadow the character being an ultra-religious nut. You know, like when you're watching Law & Order and the detectives are canvassing witnesses to a murder and one person has a crucifix by the door and you can say, "Oh, yeah, that guy did it because God told him too"? I sort of assumed that's where they were going with him, so I'm happy to be wrong.

Speaking of God, though, Emily looks around and sees, in the rubble, the remnants of a sign that says "dei judicium, fiat justita," and she can't read Latin because America's school system is awful I'm sure but fortunately Peter can and he translates it to "by the judgment of god, let justice be done," and he calls Olivia to tell her that it's going to happen in a courthouse.

Olivia and Lincoln are going through papers in Duncan's apartment. I'd really like to see the warrant for this one: "Probable cause: Teenage girl has visions of people's deaths. Drew picture that we ran against bus pass database. Victim identified." Anyway, Olivia's discovered that Albert Duncan just got divorced; the settlement was last week, and he lost custody of his kids, and maybe he's not so happy about it.

Walter's in the process of waking Emily up, but then she says she sees Duncan, and we go back into her vision, where Duncan is in fact lying in the rubble. "He's holding something. Some sort of weird-looking radio," says Emily. Peter rejoins the group to tell them he thinks it's a detonator: "Duncan's not the victim. He must be setting up some sort of bomb."

Jump to Duncan making his way through security at the courthouse, Latin sign still intact and hanging from the ceiling. He looks around shiftily and, really, airports and other high-security locations need to do a better job of identifying the "stubbly, receded-hairline guy looking from side to side" kind of threat. Those guys are always bad news.

After the commercial break, Fringe and the tactical teams are at the courthouse, and Broyles tells everyone that courthouse security has surveillance video of Duncan's vehicle entering the south entrance of the parking garage twenty minutes ago, and they assume he's still in the building. Since Emily's vision depicts a scene of complete rupture, there's no way Duncan has that much explosive strapped to his body, so they figure the explosive is in the parking garage underneath the building, which is where the bomb squad (plus bomb-finding expert Peter) is going to go look. Lincoln Lee wants in on that party too. Broyles and Olivia will lead the team that's evacuating the building.

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