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Newton's Melon
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Late at night, an array of courtyard lampposts illuminate a set of floaty letters reading "HENNINGTON MENTAL HEALTH INSTITUTE BOSTON, MA." Amazing how a block of text that large can get off the ground. Inside, the corridors are dark except for the light coming from the crack under a door. Behind that door, a man mumbles disconnectedly about a girl in a red dress with flowers. A pair of hands sheathed in bloody surgical gloves is at work behind him, their owner telling "Mr. Slater" -- played by Jeff Perry -- to think and it will come back to him. The hands turn out to be attached to a person, which was not always the case for that person's head. Yes, the last time we saw his face, it was still reattaching itself to a body back in October. Finally, the stolen frozen head is back in play. One also notices that its color has come back, and so has its hair. "Container," he calls to his hench-nurse, doing something with a pair of retractors. He tells Slater in a pleasant British accent, "Hold very still, and I assure you there will be no pain." In an extreme close-up, it looks like he's pulling a pale sliver of something from the living, bloody brain matter, but that can't possibly be the case. He sets the chunk into a vial of greenish gel and says to his hench-nurse, who is about as scary-looking as Scott Hamilton circa 1992, "Let's close him up." They start to fire up a piece of machinery, but the hench-nurse is getting a call on his earpiece from Curtis from 24, who is parked in a van outside and notifying him that he sees an orderly moving around in one of the windows. The hench-nurse goes to deal with it, "deal with it" in this case meaning "putting two silenced bullets in the orderly's chest." Hence the "hench" in "hench-nurse." He goes back in and tells the boss -- now busy with some kind of laser -- that they have to go. "My sincere apologies, I'd rather not leave you in such a state," he says to his patient, but they pack up and take off. The hench-nurse quickly opens an electronic lock to a door opening to the outside, and the boss takes a look around the hall behind him while following him out. Then they get into Curtis's van, which drives off. Poor Slater is left sitting there, and that's how a nurse finds him. With the entire back of his scalp peeled down, exposing his brain. "Help me," he begs. Ooh, Fringey!

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