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Newton's Melon

But instead, his vision seems to focus on a surgical light above him, with a female face in a surgical cap over him. It's a younger Nina Sharp, looking like Blair Brown did at around the time she was on Frasier. "He's ready, Dr. Paris," Nina says. "The system is completely clean?" asks a familiar voice. "No sedatives? No antidepressants?" "The electrodes are in place," Nina confirms. Walter, still flat on the table but now with his hair looking darker to confirm that we're in the past -- let's say around 1995, roughly the time Slater and his cohorts in craziness went spare -- shifts his gaze to the other person in the room: William Bell himself, who's so deep undercover as Dr. Paris he's even making Nina address him by that name. Also, he looks pretty much like he did two months ago. I mean, I don't expect them to be able to make him look like Frank James in Bonanza: Under Attack, but a little effort wouldn't kill them, would it? But then I guess the show is so happy to have Leonard Nimoy they don't want to subject him to too much time in a makeup chair. Hell, they didn't even slap a goatee on him for his scenes with Olivia in the parallel universe, and everybody knows Leonard Nimoy wears a goatee in parallel universes. Bell asks Walter if he's comfortable. "I'm frightened, Belly," Walter whispers. Bell nods sympathetically, saying, "I wish there was another way. But what you've accomplished... it's just too dangerous." Walter asks, "What if we ever have to go back?" Bell assures him, "Your memory -- I'll put it in a place that only I can find." And in the process, he's fucking around with the brain of a guy who's not only already been institutionalized for the last three years, he's also ruining the lives of three innocent people in the process. Plus it must have taken him three tries to get it all out, because there's no way Bell would have had time to remove and implant all three brain samples in three different people in the window of time he'd have before the chunks started dying. Dude is a class act. Nice to see his God complex isn't a recent development, at least. He tells Walter to start thinking about the door to the other side. Walter closes his eyes and, apparently, complies. And it would seem, in addition to thinking about the door, he's probably also thinking about the neighbor girl across the street a little bit more than is strictly appropriate.

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