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Helter Skelter

We're treated to close-up views of a bug's undersides as she studies it. "It's order Coleoptera for sure," she says. It doesn't look like a beetle to me, but maybe beetles look like roaches Over There. She's not sure of the species, though. "Where did you find this?" she asks Charlie. "At the Empire Docking Station," Fauxlivia says. Charlie explains how they ate their way out of poor Pukey, which Mona finds "interesting." I think she's killing her chances with Charlie, judging by his reaction. Suddenly, she gets an idea and scampers off to another room. Fauxlivia starts teasing Charlie about Mona's crush. I miss Charlie in the other universe. Charlie makes everything better. Mona returns later with a reference book. "Skelter beetle," she announces. "Mansohnium boogliosus." Oh, show. The Beatles, Charles Manson, and Vincent Bugliosi? The writers have as much fun as the Fringe team does Over There, don't they? Mona is bubbling with excitement as she explains that the beetles lived parasitically in sheep, but all the sheep have been extinct for ten years. She speaks exclusively to Charlie the whole time, while Fauxlivia looks amused in the background. They wonder what the beetles were doing inside a person.

In answer, we check in on the Samuel Clemens fan from the docking station bar. He's in a makeshift lab, dissecting one of the beetles, which means we get another loving close-up of its chitinous underpinnings. He narrates the experience into a recorder. "Specimen number seven was harvested 12 hours ago after a 20-minute gestation," he says. He scoops out some of the beetle's nougaty innards. He puts the goo into a test tube, does some science stuff to it, then dips a little strip of paper into the resulting mixture. "If the enzyme if present, then the indicator will turn pink." He waits, panting for breath. The strip turns blue. He starts smashing up his lab, further establishing himself as a mad scientist.

Fringe Division. Lincoln is walking around, making sure everyone is on top of their assignments. They're still tracking down all the passengers. Frank is there. He says the food service company checks out. "You're wasting your time," Astrid says from her station. "We're not dealing with an outbreak." She rattles off a list of statistics to prove her point. Frank is impressed. Charlie and Fauxlivia walk in. Fauxlivia is still teasing Charlie about Mona: "I bet she drives a Beetle." Charlie takes it all with good humor. Fauxlivia is surprised to see Frank there. "Lincoln requested a CDC liaison," he explains. Charlie brings everyone up to speed on the skelter beetles. Frank goes over to confab with Charlie, leaving Fauxlivia and Lincoln to talk amongst themselves. "I guess for you two, this kind of thing is romantic," Lincoln says. He reminds her of Hoboken, where apparently Fauxlivia met Frank during a cholera outbreak. They chuckle over the good times. Fauxlivia even snorts at one point, which is pretty funny. "I can only imagine what it is you see in a guy like that," Lincoln says. "He is kind of perfect, isn't he?" Fauxlivia agrees. Lincoln corrects her: "No, I'm perfect, but he's a close second." It's all said without any obvious jealousy. Lincoln excuses himself to go to Broyles's office -- er, his office.

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