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Helter Skelter

Fauxlivia joins Frank and Charlie. Frank is puzzled because the beetles used to have a symbiotic relationship with the sheep, but now they're eating their hosts. Maybe people taste better than sheep. They huddle together, trying to figure out what's changed. "Why don't you just ask?" Astrid pipes up from across the room. She calls up some statistics that say someone will have an answer if they just ask the public for information. Frank is impressed again. Astrid looks a little bashful. Can these two start dating?

Random diner. The mad scientist is sitting at the counter, studying something on a tablet computer when a portly fellow takes the seat next to his. He orders tea and pie. He's curious about what the mad scientist is working on. This leads to the mad scientist asking if he's heard of Jonas Salk, or Watson and Crick. He recognizes them all. "What about Dr. Armand Silva?" asks the mad scientist. The portly fellow searches his memory, but comes up blank: "I don't know that one." "You will," says Dr. Silva. The TV over the counter buzzes with an alert. Pictures of the skelter beetle flash and an announcer asks people to call in with information. Everyone in the diner promptly loses their appetite. Dr. Silva looks nervous. When the waitress approaches him for his order, he asks for the same thing that the portly fellow is having.

Fringe Division. Lincoln is uneasy in Broyles's office. Even the chair seems not to like him. Frank walks in and asks if Fauxlivia can have time off this weekend. Can't she ask for herself? Frank has big plans, but first: "Can you keep a secret?" Lincoln laughs like the very thought is crazy. "I have my own, like, cone of silence when it comes to secrets," he swears. We cut away before the revelation of the secret, but Frank looks like the cat that ate the proverbial canary. Out on the floor, Charlie and Fauxlivia are fielding calls from the worried public. Charlie's got a woman who's worried about her dog being eaten and Olivia's got someone who thinks the bugs are controlling his wife. Lincoln walks up to Fauxlivia's desk and asks how things are going, then cuts her off as soon as she starts answering his question. "Frank's gonna ask you to marry him," he says. His cone of silence was at the cleaners. Fauxlivia's smile freezes, then fades. She looks like the bottom has dropped out from under her. Lincoln is talking about Frank's plans for the weekend, but Fauxlivia doesn't seem to hear him. Charlie comes up to them, having just gotten a legit call. Someone at the "biology annex" knew a guy who was an expert on skelter beetles. Lincoln sends them off to question him, then asks Fauxlivia what her answer will be. She ignores him. "What? I can keep a secret," he calls after her.

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