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Helter Skelter

Fauxlivia's place. Frank is cooking dinner when Fauxlivia comes home after work. Jeez, is he like the ideal guy or what? He's a doctor, he cooks, he knows where to scare up avocados and he has a full head of lustrous hair. Also, he's been hard at work digging up info on Dr. Silva and has found out that he applied to the CDC for a grant because he was close to a vaccine for avian flu. Fauxlivia is stunned by the implications. Frank says it could have saved millions. Also, Silva was using an enzyme produced by the skelter beetles. They talk some science mumbo-jumbo about how Silva could bring the beetles back from extinction (resurrect John and George, for starters) and find a compatible host for them. When Fauxlivia expresses skepticism, Frank explains that "sheep and humans share 96% of the same DNA." Unfortunately for Silva, the first batch of beetles weren't mature enough to make the enzyme. Fauxlivia says the second batch were bigger. The two of them hash out what kind of equipment Silva would need and then call Lincoln with the deets. It all sounds like super expensive stuff. Fauxlivia is all in a tizzy and gets ready to go back to the office, asking Frank to keep the lasagna for her. (Lasagna? Marry me, Frank!) Fauxlivia heads for the door, but Frank calls her back: "Oh, you forgot this?" It's a diamond ring. She stops in her tracks. "I was gonna wait till this weekend," he says. He starts blathering nervously about work and his mother, then kind of catches his breath and calms down. "Olivia Dunham, will you marry me?" he asks. She has the good sense to smile and accept. They're both all grins when Lincoln calls to tell her Silva bought one of the science doohickeys on the list. He gives her the address to where it was shipped in Brooklyn.

Warehouse in Brooklyn. It's dark. Fauxlivia meets up with Lincoln outside. Fauxlivia picks the lock on Silva's storage unit, grinning the whole time. "What?" Lincoln prompts her. "I said yes," she says. "Frank asked me and I said yes." She seems genuinely happy, which makes Lincoln more or less happy, too. Inside, it's dark and labyrinthine. The beams from their flashlights land on shelves of fluid-filled specimen jars and a scattering of dead beetles. The place seems to be in disrepair; a plank in the wooden floor cracks under Lincoln's foot. "Watch your step," he foreshadows. They hear a clattering in the distance and draw their firearms. They become momentarily separated. Lincoln steps into a walk-in freezer and takes his sweet time looking around instead of worrying about being locked inside. Which, by the way, is exactly what happens. "Hey!" he shouts at the door. The door ignores him. He shouts for Fauxlivia but gets to reply. He tries his ear cuff; no signal. All that neato tech and you can't get a signal in a freezer. Lincoln paces and freezes.

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