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Helter Skelter

Meanwhile, Fauxlivia is still exploring the rest of the maze. A baboon screeches at her from a cage. She jumps back, falls, and crashes through the floor. She lands on a metal table in a makeshift laboratory, unconscious. Skelter beetles crawl all over her.

When she wakes some time later, she's sitting up and being offered a glass of water. Still disoriented from her fall, she drinks without question. She coughs a bit and Silva takes the glass away, He checks her eyes. "Where's Lincoln?" she asks, still drowsy. Silva doesn't answer. Fauxlivia gets a look at her surroundings and realizes the predicament she's in. Her hands are cuffed behind her. She immediately starts trying to get at the lock. Lincoln is rapidly turning into a Lincolncicle. He scavenges around the freezer, trying to find something that will aid in his escape. He finds a tank of liquid nitrogen. Maybe he wants to freeze faster and put an end to his chilly misery? We cut back to Fauxlivia. Silva sets up a video camera on a tripod, aimed at her. "There are more agents on their way here now," she says. "I think we both know that's not true," Silva says. Fauxlivia tells him to let her go, but he's blathering on about how the whole world will thank him for his vaccine. Fauxlivia scoffs: "For someone who wants to save lives, you sure don't have much of a problem killing people." Great minds think alike, eh, Fauxlivia? Silva is unconcerned by her accusation anyway. He cites Salk's and Pasteur's sacrifices. He says he tried other animals, but only humans were able to host the beetles. That seems like an even bigger pile of science poo than usual, but whatever. Fauxlivia suggests just stopping the research, but Silva's not a big fan of that idea. Besides, he says almost rapturously, his world is almost complete. Silva fondles his beetles and soliloquizes about mad scientist stuff, giving Fauxlivia time to work on her cuffs some more. He feels he's been robbed of his legacy because the world suddenly changed. The sheep probably weren't real happy with the turn of events, either, dude.

Back in the freezer, Lincoln puts on a pair of gloves (why the fool didn't do this earlier is a mystery) and sprays some nitrogen on the door handle. Then he picks up a canister and breaks the frozen handle. As soon as he's out, he calls for help on his ear cuff. "This is Agent Lee. I need a tactical unit immediately at my location." His name is Lincoln Lee? Somehow, I'd missed that until this episode. "Lincoln Lee" sounds like someone who should either be fighting or dating Superman. Fauxlivia is still listening to Silva's insane prattling. He's going on about how he needs a queen to hatch her own eggs. There will be enough beetles for his vaccine. He just needs "one more human host to bring the queen beetle to term." "But it's over now," Fauxlivia says. "We know who you are." When Silva tells her the gestation has already begun, she looks at the glass of water from which she had sipped. A horrible realization dawns on her. She turns her head and vomits. Silva seems surprised by this, for some reason. Lincoln busts in, gun aimed at Silva. "Lincoln, don't shoot him," Fauxlivia pleads. "We need his help; I've been infected."

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