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Helter Skelter

Walternate is being chauffeured through a dark and stormy night when he gets a call from Brandon. "There's been a development," he says. "I think I may have another way to bring Peter back from the other universe."

Fauxlivia's apartment. It's bright daylight when she returns. There are cardboard boxes in various states of packing. She walks out into the middle of the living room and stares at the floor for a while. She may not have considered it yet, but she suddenly has more in common with our Olivia. She is damaged by her association with Walter Bishop. She will probably be less quick with a smile going forward. There's a knock at the door. When she goes to open it, she looks hopeful, but it's Walternate standing there and not a forgiving Frank. She tries to hide her disappointment and invites him inside. "I heard the news about your pregnancy," he says. Her face doesn't know what kind of expression to make in response. He goes on to reassure her that her position with Fringe Division isn't in danger. "After all," he says, "you are the mother of my future grandchild." He smiles with teeth. Fauxlivia looks trapped.

So that's how we end it this week. Predictable, maybe, and definitely gross, but good acting and pacing all around.

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